Level 5

“May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation” – Unknown 


A start to a new academic year. Things have changed quite drastically within the course however some changes are always good and I look forward to what the year brings. From looking at our syllabus I am already extremely excited about the opportunity to work in the dark room. Over the summer I had invested in a film camera therefore applying my recent work with university is certainly exciting to me. Let see what happens. To be continued… :)(:


Slow start from myself. It was the same situation as last year where I struggle to find motivation to attend my course. I can work independently but I find I am missing out on some great projects with my fellow students. However as a positive I am gaining a lot of experience with photography within the university as I am still collaborating with the theatre department, sports societies and recently the students union on some of their recent events. I am getting the experience however time to return and learn more practical things in order to improve. To be continued… :)(:


Almost an end to our first term and again similar to my first year I have mixed emotions. My lack of motivation has certainly got the better of me and me mindset of being adventurous and moving to other things that excite my interest has certainly got the better of me. However after receiving criticism from my peers I am aiming to make a change. I need to find that passion I had and collaborate it with my ambition to be adventurous. I want to find that spark and certainly create things to share. Completing work and attending lectures should not be a chore therefore I need to think more positively and certainly give myself and opportunity to be successful in my course. Heres to a big change.                   To be continued… :)(: