Assignment No1 | Lines & Shapes



I wish there was a joke to add but I’m more of a PUN-KING / QUEEN!

So my basic idea was to carve 5 pumpkins with different designs, place a tea light candle inside of them and photograph the outcome concentrating on shapes and lines. My shots vary from individual pumpkins, grouped and different arrangements of the pumpkins, different settings on camera, different angles and using different camera lenses.

Above are photographs of each individual pumpkin. All images were set on a manual setting with shutter speed 1/125, f3.5, ISO 200, no tripod, with no editing or changes made. Overall I’m very pleased with each outcome. My intention for every image above was to shoot a close up of the shapes specific to each pumpkin and to also have a sight of the candle and the flame within it. And that I was successful at. The light from the candle is designed to give the emphasise on the shapes on the pumpkins and by having the dark background it is drawing the focus again to the shapes. From mainly these images you can see I’ve associated the pumpkins with the shape design rather than the lines.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above is a slide show of all the images I’d taken. All images have a low ISO. Most images have an aperture between 3.5 and 5.6. Furthermore majority have a shutter speed of 1/125 apart from those that appear like light paintings. I aimed for a longer shutter speed approximately 2-3 seconds in order to move my camera during a shot to achieve a ghostly and halloween outcome. Lastly for some shots I also used a wide angle lens in order to give the pumpkins a much larger perspective. All these differences from the fist set of images allowed me to again concentrate on shapes for the assignment but to also include links to lines by arranging the pumpkins into lines and the lights from the light paintings heading in vertical and horizontal paths. Again I am very happy with each and every image even with some standing out than others. However if I was to retry this project I would consider other locations, different natural lighting and including models as extras only because 1) I was very limited to the different arrangements I could place the pumpkins without it looking very repetitive 2) it would be great to see the contrast between complete darkness and dawn especially seeing the orange from the pumpkin harmonise with the sun rise. This then would have given the images a completely different atmosphere and mood and 3) to include models meant again I could have done a range of different arrangements and it could have included a story behind the images. We shall see if this happens.

Favourite Images:

For me these images are my favourites. When the image in the top right was taken I certainly did a little happy dance and some high pitched noises unexpectedly came out of me. I like them because the perfectly shaped features of the pumpkins are very intimidating to look at. The idea of non inanimate object creating fear is exactly what halloween is about. The bright lights make them look spirited and as if at any time these pumpkins are going to come to life. Yes this may be a metaphor that these pumpkins are somewhat human or ghostly like in the images. To compare this image with one I researched earlier by Edward Weston called Pepper No. 30 (1930) you can see some commonality that they too comes across as having human qualities. Although that less evident I can see myself looking at Edwards work again and trying something similar to his work once again.

Lets hope these images don’t appear in your dreams tonight.

Happy Halloween :)(:


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