Assignment No1 | Lines & Shapes

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”Mahatma Gandhi



I live in an area of outstanding natural beauty ranging from mountains, beaches, landmarks and architecture and its all on my doorstep. Therefore it would be very silly of me not to make the most of good old Bangor!

Above are the pictures I’ve taken along Church Island (Anglesey) of the Menai and Britannia bridges. They are literally walking distance from my home so I picked a cloudy day to visit these landmarks. All images were taken at 1/200, aperture was f4.5 with a high ISO. Honestly I think the pictures are ok. Personally I enjoy visiting areas of natural beauty however I very much appreciate them more with my eyes rather than taking pictures. And although I picked a clear(ish) day, Wales is very much a country of indecisive weather and it was quite an unpredictable day.  In all honesty today I think the only thing I was missing was snow and even then it would never have come as a surprise.  Afterwards I’d post produced all images adjusting shadow, contrast, brightness and highlights. If theres was anything I could do differently or advice for the future is I would add something in the foreground. I think picturing a happy couple or a family would have added more character and atmosphere to these images. 

However just to add I still think these images are average but they do portrayal the direction of horizontal lines especially in the image of Britannia bridge (far left). We can see lines from the stationary but very busy bridge, the smooth water, the stable wall and the breezeless leaves. All four components are very calm and it gives a peaceful atmosphere that mother nature has provided us. To add to mother nature I can see the resemblance of more than one season. The top half of the image glows a spring feeling whereas we can visually see the fallen leaves on the group which means its autumn. Again I can link another image to an artist. This piece is influenced by Tom Barils Lumahai Beach and like I mentioned in the introduction his image is very peaceful and calm.


Introductions.. this little cutie is my dog, Rossi.


I had intentions to capture a silhouette of him and his favourite toys. In this image there is definitely no silhouette or even a high quality image. However the reason I’ve included this image is not because of the quality of the image and not because it includes both obvious shapes and lines but simply because of his eyes. Looking at him stare at this ball made me chuckle a little. He was so exited to play for 5 minutes while I tried taking pictures. Obviously this didn’t work because he was so fast and eager to fly around catching this ball here there and everywhere. So I turned on the flash and got some action shots. This is the only one worth sharing mainly for comical value. Enjoy. However taking my previous idea of silhouettes on board I would love to retry it in the near future. Next time I would ask for assistance from someone. Trying to juggle calming him down, throwing the ball, holding the camera and capturing the image wasn’t the simplest of tasks. Furthermore to have a fixed light setting like sitting by the fire in the evening to a warm environment and hopefully be easier to control a silhouette outcome.


Karate.. what can I tell you about this wonderful sport. Personally I’ve been doing it since the age of 7. I’ve achieved my 1st Dan in March of 2011 and I am a member of Seki Ryu Zan karate club. Karate to me is about family, commitment, respect and determination. Unfortunately I’ve not trained in a very long time however I had the pleasure of revisiting the place I started as a child. There were many familiar faces and some new however I was welcome with open arms, teased a little but it was like I’d never left.

Initially I took the time to adjust my camera settings and allowed people got used to the camera. Shutter speed was set high to capture quick shots and a wide angle lens was used to emphasise the order and lines.

The images above very much tick all the boxes with what I was looking to photograph. I was looking for unit as a team and was wanting everyone to be in line without having to ask. By them being so in sync it gave me a wave of strength, power and skill. They did a range of combinations with a full class of different grades yet no one stood out badly. I have every intention to retake a lot of these images however I would like to try a completely different environment. These images were taken in the comfort of a weekly class. I was informed while I was there that a grading and multiple competitions were coming up towards the end of the year and I was more than welcome to attend. Having a range of people in a stressful and competitive environment wanting to be successful in the examination may give different and better results. We shall look forward to the future :)(:

Furthermore I added some quick shots with two of my best friends within karate. My first model was Mared. To me these images are good however they are very much staged and don’t give the same powerful affect as the rest. I added some kicks to show the height of which she can throw one and at full impact I can imagine that doing some damage. Take that back I know it does damage.

And my second model was Lorna. Lorna has done very well in competitions over the last few years therefore as said before instead of staging these certain images to see her competing against an opponent would give me much more impressive results.

However to conclude these images I believe they certainly have connections to my assignment of lines. The lines in images show technique and power especially in the kicks and punches but again it also shows order and respect that all members stick by each other and are in unison in order to emphasise their strength and power.

Thank you for reading :)(:

“The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself”Tatsuo Shimabuku


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