Action Sequence | (3 minutes, 4 characters)


Above is the 3 minute piece that I helped produce and I also feature in. Overall I think we were successful. The film itself covers the aim of the assessment which was to create an action sequence. We did this by creating a chase scene. Furthermore the quality of the video is great for what equipment we were given. Everyone was involved and personally I knew very little about the post production process therefore it was a great introduction on the way things are done.

What do you like about your film?

  • I really enjoy the sounding in the film. The initial music sets the scene that something is about to happen and then the fast paced track gives the impression that a lot is going on in a short space of time. Furthermore the little pieces of sound including the elevator music and the strike from the bag and fist also add to the end product. There is a little bit of humour but as the viewer we feel like we’ve been hit as it is in the point of view of the victims.
  • Also I like the fact that the storyline is a little different that the female that has had her bag taken from her does not have to be the victim but she can be independent and get her own belongings back.

Feedback from others :

  • Improvement to be made on the fight scenes.
  • To make it clearer what I was doing after I’d been hit and bag was taken back. Audience was a little confused if I’d seen what was happening between thief and girlfriend and wasn’t sure on why I’d left him by himself.
  • Make it clearer on the distance between boyfriend and male thief.

What improvements can be made?

  • Work on points above.
  • I think if we could make the film longer than 3 minutes then some of the shots won’t appear so jumpy instead it would have a natural flow to the chase scene.
  • Improving post production. I wish I had more involvement in the sounding and what shots were being placed where just so I know how things work in more detail for future assessments and to learn in my own time.

Thank you for watching :)(:


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