Assignment No1 | Lines & Shapes

“The object of art is to give life shape” – William Shakespeare 


Today assignment was set to photograph 4 images that brought our attention to their lines and shapes. The distinct lines and shapes in my images are there to emphasise a certain atmosphere. For example vertical lines are there to signify power and strength. Furthermore horizontal lines are more relaxed and give a peaceful vibe. Whereas the shapes in images are more personal. Each individual can see different things in images and make there own interpretations on what specific shapes make them feel. In our lesson we were given visual stimulation and inspiration from artist like Tom Baril, Arnold Newman, Keith Carter, Philip Jones Griffiths, Edward Weston, Abelardo Morell and many more therefore we were set to go to capture our images.

Initially I returned to all the photographers that were mentioned during our lesson and reviewed their work to ignite ideas for this assignment and/ or project for the future.

  1. This piece is of the influential pianist Igor Stravinsky by Arnold Newman and supports the idea of lines within photography. Our attention is brought towards the shape of the piano and the simplicity of its design. Furthermore Arnold isn’t making Stravinsky stand out in this piece which is probably why it is so appealing. His work will influence me mainly because I enjoy working at wide angles and making my work be very straightforward and readable to the eyes.
  2. Next is a piece by Tom Baril called Lumahai Beach. The lines within this beach are aligned much differently than I’ve seen before and the emptiness from both the beach and sky give the image a very peaceful and calm vibe which is something I would like to achieve. Furthermore by looking at more of his images I very much like the idea of influencing some of my still life photography to resemble his. His images all seem to be in black and white and I am especially fond of his flower work. The shapes of the flowers are very sharp however he manages to keep such elegance to them.
  3. Abelardo Morells’ Paper Self is the next piece. It includes a clear shape of himself but I do not quite understand how he has done it. I feel like originally this piece was a silhouette of his side profile and then he added surrealism of the paper which makes us initially see his profile but at second glance we see that it is a pile of paper. This style of art and photography is certainly out of my element but its something I’d consider trying.
  4. And lastly we have Edward Weston Pepper. In class we all made comments that the pepper abnormally looks a little like a human figure curled up. It is weird to think that inanimate objects can look life like. I think its important to capture a image like this at certainly the right angle with the right components and he has executed this perfectly and I am too inspired to try this myself.

All images and artist have definitely influenced my ideas for this assignment and its certainly given more inspiration and open new pathways in the different types of photography I would like to try. But for now I shall stick to this assignment. To add to my research I then went to Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration and from there my mind was definitely filled with creative ideas and visions.

And heres what we had to offer:
• PUMPKIN PROJECT – Obviously it is the season to be festively scary at all times so why not add a little bit of pumpkin spice. My idea was to carve as many pumpkins as I could with various designs and shapes, place candles in them and photograph the outcome.
• KARATE – Karate is another passion and hobby that I have and my in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sport made me want to showcase it. The lines in karate represent order, power, respect and strength as a unit.
• ANIMALS – Just a quirky idea of intruding my dog Rossi to my projects. Idea was to have a silhouette of him catching his favourite toys.
• LANDSCAPE – I live in an area of outstanding beauty and I’ve been wanting to visit Menai Bridge for a very long time. The lines would represent a calm environment but I just need to pick a suitable day to take some ‘calm’ pictures especially because Wales is know to have all four seasons in one day.

To be continued…. :)(:


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