Alphonse Mucha Inspired Photography


Art exists only to communicate a spiritual message” – Alphonse Mucha

Today I stumbled across these amazing images I took back in 2014 on my iPhone for my A Level Art & Design course. My theme back then had been exploring the style of art called ‘Art Nouveau’ and specifically concentrating and researching the artists Alphonse Mucha and his style of work.

Alphonse Muchas mainly produced paintings and commercial posters with the outcome mainly including beautiful women with long hair, jewellery and flowers.(

Furthermore ‘Art Nouveau’ was a style of art that was suppose to modernise and influence artists, designers and architects in late 19th century Europe. The style very much influenced Muchas work as it had its characteristics of elegance with an organic flow of lines and roots with some appearance of women, animals, woodland, etc.(

After admiring his work once again I have every intention to take some of his art work and remake into an image. Below are some of my favourite pieces by Alphonse Mucha that in the near future I would love to photograph. Furthermore I will be considering Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau as my main topic on my contextual studies assignment of creating a pechakucha and presenting it in front of my class.

To be continued… :)(:


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