Assignment No2 | Simplification & Negative Space

Get clear on what matters by getting rid of everything that doesn’t” – Unknown


ANTIQUES – Negative Space

My basic idea was to photograph my childhood ornaments in front of a wooden background. I aimed to have the negative space in the image to have a dark and mysterious atmosphere which was similar to the Heron by Keith Carter.

My set up was a desktop lamp and I’d switched off the lights in the room. I’d set my camera to a low ISO with tungsten lighting. Furthermore I was making sure that very little amount of light went into the image to make sure my images were to give off a eerie atmosphere and making sure all the negative space was black.

The images above are the images that I submitted towards the assignment and honestly I am very happy with them. Very much like my pumpkin project the ornament has a life like feeling to them even though they too are an inanimate object. The twinkle in her eye from the light gives depth to her. Furthermore people are naturally drawn to the eyes so not only is it negative space surrounding the ornament but it is also negative space in her eyes because again she is not living. Furthermore this week I am slowly introducing myself to post production and the editing process to images. I am certainly a beginner therefore I’ve just started off by adding filters and changing shadows and contrast to my images but hopefully over time I will be able to add images to photoshop and be able to adjust and improve them furthermore.


PACKING – Simplification

At this moment I was packing in order to move everything to Wrexham. For me this was such a daunting process mainly because I’ve had to pack all my stuff a few times over the past 2-3 years because of travelling and new jobs. My aim was to get the pile of clothing to appear much larger than what they were. To have our perspective as a low angle shot gives this effect that the clothes are literally towering over our heads. And trust me thats what it felt like plus it took forever…

The images above are the ones I’d submitted to my assignment. The simplification of these images are that they are just a pile of clothes and that also they are only thing in the image.  Overall the images are what the assignment asks for and they represent the ‘fun’ time I had at packing. The reason I like these images is because the cream background draws your attention to the pile of clothes and that is what your immediate and only focus is on. Also to me the pile of clothes shows a daunting effect because in the image they seem much larger than what they are in reality. To improve this image I certainly should have cropped the doorway because it is completely unnecessary to have it it the frame. But other than that I am happy with my result.

CANDLE LIGHT – Negative Space

While taking these pictures the only thing going through my mind was the song “Light my candle” from RENT the Musical. Thought I needed to share that. Enjoy.

The images above are very similar to the antique photographs I’d taken earlier this week however this time I have concentrated on capturing the candle and its flame. Furthermore I was not going for a mysterious and eerie atmosphere but instead a calm, quiet and peaceful environment as if someone was in the room trying to relax and get rid of any negativity. From these images you can see that the negative space is the black surrounding the candle and only revealing  a glimpse of the candle, its flame, and the shape of the flame on the wall. I really like these images because they are very simple and you only concentrate on what matters. Potentially I would like to photograph more images of candles in the future however no ideas come to mind right now.


SHOES – Simplification

A women can never own too many shoes. Apart from my mum. There was certainly too many to choose from. My basic idea here was to capture the different design and character to my mums shoes. This was ranging form different patterns, different texture, designer brands, etc. Also for me it was an introduction to fashion photography which I’d never considered before.

The images above are some of my favourites. The simplicity of these images is that I’m drawing the attention to the flowers on the shoes and also the Calvin Klein label within the shoe. Also I really like them because you can also see the drawers in the background and it gives it a dressing room feeling rather than staging it in a light box to photograph professionally. I feel like women who would wear these shoes can relate and find these images quite appealing.


And lastly the image above is the one I submitted towards the assignment. I like this image because the main focus is on the leaf design on the first shoe and as we look towards the background everything smoothly starts to look out of focus. From taking these images I certainly like the idea of returning to taking images of shoes and fashion and potentially try taking these images in different settings, with and without models and with different lighting to it.

Thank you for reading… :)(:


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