01/11/2016 | Low Key & Flash Photography

Flash… aaaa- ahhh” – Queen

Another workshop with Colin and we are returning to low key lighting photography. Our aims within this lesson was to continue with low key photography and gradually introduce ourselves to the world of high key and flash photography.

First of all we quickly revisited low key photography with Colin being our model. Our set up was a modelling light to the right of the model and no one had access to a tripod. Our settings were a low ISO, 1/60, f4. Because this was a quick recap on what we’d done in the lesson previously we were all up and trying to capture the same image of Colin. We were restricted since 1) many of us got in each others way and 2) guiding Colin was more difficult especially because all of us had our own ideas therefore he just did the poses that suited him best. The outcome I wanted to achieve was to capture Colin’s personality. He is a very sweet and calm person who is humble and always happy to see people. Therefore I believe the image above is the one that executes his personality perfectly. Having this image as a low key image emphasises how calm he is. Also this natural pose certainly sums up Colin in a nutshell. Lastly to add to this image the rule of thirds makes the image a lot more appealing to the eye which is something I’ll research on in the near future.

Next we started making the contrast from low to high key photography. We used Colin again as our model but this time the modelling light was activated as a flash just on the left hand side of the photographer. Also we photographed him individually. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not adjusting my setting and thus meaning my outcome isn’t what I wanted. From this mistake I can see that my aperture should of been a little higher just so the image wasn’t as bright thus making it appear unfocused. Even though the images aren’t perfect I still believe they certainly capture our nutty professor :)(:

To learn from this I will certainly start reflecting and checking my images once I’ve taken them in order to make those adjustments while taking pictures. However I can understand the outcome that it should achieve. When thinking of personal projects that I could use this type of lighting I think back to my art nouveau ideas. With those images I want to capture the elegance of a womans’ hair and jewellery however using tungsten light and a modelling light would not give me enough light. Whereas adding two flashes would be too much. By taking everything into consideration I definitely believe I could use this amount of light in future images and next time I will remember to adjust everything perfectly.

And lastly we used two flashes in order to achieve a more high key image. This time my model was Caitlin and our aim was to have a little bit of fun. There is a clear contrast between all three sets of images and it was nice to see this gradually in one lesson. All three styles of photography has is positive and negative traits and in the near future I certainly can see myself using and exploring in more depth these types of portrait photography.

Thank you for reading… to be continued :)(:


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