31/10/2016 | Low Key Photography

When you photograph a face.. you photograph the soul behind it” – Jean-Luc Godard

Todays lesson with Colin I was introduced to low key lighting photography. Our set up was a tungsten light positioned on the photographers left hand side and our intention was to photograph our model but to also position ourselves and control where the light hits the them. The outcome should then appear dark and shadows will appear on the face however we should still be able to make out the detail that is in the image.

The two images above are my outcomes from this lesson. My intentions were to show the signs of loss, grieving and reliving happy memories. Yes this sounds very morbid however with the lighting that we were using I felt like these emotions could be portrayed better in the image it will give more depth to the image rather than a simple portrait of a classmate. Firstly I had found this wooden piece that Colin had out of his collection of props and it reminded me of a urn and this is when the idea came to mind. From there Sam volunteered to be my model and a briefing was set of what my intentions were. I had set my camera onto a tripod ISO was 100, f5.0, 1/60. When taking the images I wanted to try project light on both Sam and the urn to show the presence of them both in the image. And then I asked Sam to show a range of emotions all at different angles. For me these two images are certainly my favourites. They show Sam thinking about the urn and thinking deeply at it. These images certainly show the emotions that I intended for and at first glance and not knowing anything about these images a viewer can picture what has happened and what the model is feeling. Some can sympathise and others can empathise with Sam therefore not only do we see emotions but we also feel them.

I feel like I am confident enough to try low key photography in the future and potential projects could be exploring the world of emotions and seeing what the outcomes bring me. For now no idea pops into mind. But I’m exited to update if any project do come to mind.

To be continued… :)(:


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