07/11/2016 | High Key Photography

Why blame the dark for being dark? It is far more helpful to ask why the light isn’t as bright as it could be” – Rob Bell

Continuing our work from last week we returned to look at the world of high key photography. However I’d like to say I have made some improvements from last week. The images above are of my model Caitlin and I only used one flash positioned to the right side of her. This set up was exactly the same as the images that I took of Colin however this time, after learning from my mistakes I had set the settings to 1/60, ISO 100 and f8 and the results were certainly a lot better. My aim in this lesson was to capture the piercing Caitlin has under her eye and to also give her face a lot more depth with some shadows. It was nice to compare the images from this to last week because even after a small mistake I can still see a lot of improvements. These workshops are designed for us to trial and error and use different techniques to find what type of outcome we like and want to use most. Following up on last week after seeing these results I shall definitely be considering using one flash to take images from my art nouveau project.

Thank you for reading… :)(:


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