08/11/2016 | High Key Photography

Never overlook the power of simplicity” – Robin S. Sharma

13572-004-595d9c39Todays lesson with Colin was somewhat composed by ourselves. With our assignments from Mark we have started connecting all classes together in order to benefit and help ourselves. We were still concentrating on high key photography however wanted to include the concept of sub framing into our work. After being inspired by Arnold Newmans piece of the painter Josef Albers with his work behind him the idea was set. In Arnolds’ Josef Albers piece the simplicity and the sub framing is designed to draw all of the focus on the subject. As you can see from the image to the left he has successfully done so. But I believe that he is drawing more attention to Josefs’ piece rather than him. The emotionless pose draws away that attention and we concentrate of what truly matters which is his work rather than the artist. Therefore as a team we’d set an old classroom chalkboard with a blue transparent sheet of plastic and placed it behind a white background. My intention was to have my model (Isabella) situated within the blue background and then have the blue background situated in a third or less of the final image. From there Isabellas’ poses will be simple and give the image a balance so that nothing is drawing our attention too much.  Furthermore we were using two flashes therefore the image was going to be very bright and maintaining the simplicity in the image.

Above are the images produced and honestly they are my favourites so far out of all of our workshops. I have enjoyed using another photographers work and somewhat being inspired to create my own piece similar to theirs. I believe my images resemble Arnolds work and it has given me more of a creative platform to look into more of his work and to consider the work of others. Furthermore I very much like using high key and flash photography. It produces a modernised look that I’m yet to explore but still I find quite appealing and will certainly consider reusing in future projects.

From this lesson I know that I will be looking more into Arnold Newmans work and certainly researching more artists that have similar ideas to mine and seeing whether I can create something similar.

Thank you for reading… To be continued :)(:


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