Horror | (4 minutes, 5 characters)


Above is our 4 minute horror film including 5 ‘characters’ or appearances to set the scene. Again the film produced covers all that Steve asked for however it could have been executed a lot better with a little more organisation and communication within our team.

What do you like about your film?

  • Once all members of our team were together production was very straightforward and there were a lot of shots that certainly should have been included in our film.
  • I like that the location is empty and straight away gives and eerie vibe. The fact that we filmed in the evening gave the feeling that it was going to be a horror film.
  • I like how creepy the masked man is (even though he was played by yours truly) and his scenes are very jumpy.
  • The scene where Alice (played by Elise) is talking to herself upstairs is filmed very well. I believe it was filmed ‘free hand’ and Louie was very much following Elise and the way she moves which emphasise that someone is following her exactly the same way the camera is.

Feedback from others:

  • Story makes no sense.
  • The build up towards the end wasn’t great.
  • For Alice to not see or even notice the killers the whole film seems a little far fetched.

What improvements can be made?

  • All members of our team understood the storyline therefore we should have given a briefing my text for the audience to understand what had happened to Alice before the present and who both of the killers were.
  • More shot variety on top of more understanding for the audience would have given a better build up towards the ending. However the people that were acting weren’t always available which made filming very difficult.
  • Shots to include : introduction in text, flashbacks, murder of other cleaner who was put in shower, blood from shower, death of boss, note shown in lift, confronting both killers and abduction flowing a little better.
  • Focus on some of the shots were a little out. Also lighting in some shots didn’t match.
  • Some characters were out of frame. Consider composition of frame.
  • Reconsider music and let it flow a little better instead of switching on and off at times.
  • Again better communication within group. Make sure everyone is on the same page and ensure everyone is available to film.

Thank you for watching :)(:


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