Assignment No3 | Rule of Space

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you” – Deepak Chopra 


Today we were introduced to the ‘Rules of Good Composition’ by Mark. Although the title appears to be rules, Mark did mention that these are basic guidelines and ideas we can use in order to enhance our work and perform to the best of our ability.


Images using the ‘rule of space’ simply use a technique to show movement, activity or a conclusion in the image. This rule is designed to draw the attention on where the object or being is going. Usually the object or being is surrounded with negative space and is heading in a line of direction that we can predict and follow. As you can see that all the rules we are learning simply connect with each other in order to form great images. Having these ‘rules’ creates interest to viewers because naturally our attention will be drawn to the subject instead of the negative space and the movement of the subject will get us to ask questions. Questions including: who? where? and why? which will give the image a background story that each viewer can make personal to them.

Unfortunately no images provided in our lesson really stood out and gave me inspiration to take my own images. However when I thought of rule of space I got the idea that these images were very spontaneous especially if the movement is of people. What does come to mind is the photographer Henri Cartier Bresson who I looked at in my last assignment (simplification and negative space). His work is largely taken in streets and he is considered a street photographer. He does have great examples of rule of space including: Behind the Gare St Lazare, Hyères, 1932, At the Le Mans Auto Race, 1966 and many more. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-18-16-17Two of these images are of movement from a person however hey are a fast moving silhouettes. It is very unlikely that Bresson knew the people in the images because the image looks like the ‘right place right time’ type of shot. It simply looks like he had set up his camera and waited for his perfect opportunity which again is more appealing because we do ask the questions of who are these people and why are they in such a rush to get somewhere? The other image might be my own interpretation however I can imagine others predicting the same thing. The image is of a male and female seconds before they are going to kiss. We as viewers can see this and it almost makes it more romantic that you see the before stage of they’re intimacy. The movement isn’t necessary in the image but the imagination of the viewer can imagine the conclusion which makes this the rule of space.

Moving towards more inspiration I looked at images from other photographers on Pinterest. The link below shows some of my favourites especially those that appear to be tracking the subject. What is meant by tracking is that the camera will follow or keep track on a certain point and the shutter speed will be set for a longer length of time. This gives the effect that the subject stays in focus in the image whereas the background is very much blurred emphasising the fact that they are moving. This technique is certainly something I would like to try recreate in order to submit towards my assignment.

TRAINS – Space


The image above was taken just a few hours after our lecture with Mark. I was on the train back home and thought why not take some images on this amazing 2 hour trip back to Bangor. This was a very easy shot to take and I quite like the simplicity of it. Furthermore I like the depth in this image and the contrast between the chairs within the train and the trees and fields outside. The difference between the foreground and the background is what emphasises the fact that we are moving. This rule is a very easy rule to achieve however I do believe I have limited myself with this one. This image is achieving the aim but its not really standing out and giving me the wow factor. Again it was an easy shot but by reflecting on it now I would certainly be more creative and head to do something out of my comfort zone. For example some street photography.




Taking the feedback from the image I took previously I wanted to try something a little different. This is a low key, ‘distorted’, long lasting image that I have taken of a single card. The image looks like an illusion but it is a single card with a 2 second shutter speed that I have had pointed towards my hand and I had simply moved the card up and down to create this effect. My original idea was to have cards falling however with the same problem I had taking the picture of Rossi it was a difficult task to try throw the cards in the air and take the image at the perfect time. And then it became time consuming to clean them all up again therefore sometimes it is good to change an idea because the outcome can be much more effective. I do very much like this image because it looks like an illusion and for magicians who practise magic this is how I imagine it to look like. If I could retry this image I would try my previous idea of tracking which would mean all the cards would be in focus instead of blurred and maybe everyone would be able to see the wonderful chat up lines that appear on them 😉

Thank you for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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