Erik Johansson

It’s more about capturing an idea than about capturing a moment” – Erik Johansson


Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer who enjoys capturing his ideas as photographs. However Erik’s ideas involve manipulating photographs in order to merge them together using photoshop to form a surrealistic image. Eriks’ projects take time in planning however his outcomes are fascinating and they really make the imagination work on overdrive to calculate how he has done them.




Before looking at Erik’s images I first began looking at his working philosophies and his beliefs and attitude of working in the world of photography. I had watched the video above and read some blogs and information he has shared. Erik was originally interested in computers and drawing and started off studying towards a degree in computer engineering. However he’d always wanted to combine his two passions together and once finishing his degree he became a photographer/ retoucher. He wanted to be a engineer with visual problem solving. He also mentioned that it took some time to learn his craft and he is still learning. He believes that the best way of learning is by trying and once you have learnt the basics of the tools it’s just the imagination that sets the limits. Lastly Erik mentioned that each project he has he likes taking all original images so that he has full control over what he is creating however he mentioned that he does not spend as much time on his personal work as much as he’d like to. It is his true passion and sometime like many other photographers finds it challenging to realise other peoples ideas as well. Saying this it does not come across as a negative thing and its very much inspiring to see that he can incorporate his own surrealistic style and still honour his clients.


Moving on below are some examples of Eriks’ work that has caught my attention:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-18-09-25Lazy Dog (2007) – This piece I had to share because as a dog owner myself I just thought it was so funny. It reminds me of the Disney movie ‘Up’ therefore reminding me somewhat of my childhood. Although the dog is made out to be ‘lazy’ there still is a playful antic to get the dog to hurry up. The dogs facial expression is completely oblivious to whats going on and probably the main reason I find it so amusing. Furthermore for such a simple idea it has executed so perfectly. This piece has inspired me to use my dog for surrealistic images. I have intentions to take images of Rossi and add distinctive features that remind people of their favourite cartoon characters to again remind others of their childhood.



Snow Cover (2012) – This piece reminds me of a ‘dreamland’ and what happens during the ‘snowier’ times of the year. Again reliving my childhood at times close to Christmas. To me this person seems to have nostalgia and has woken up from a dream remembering what he used to do with friends and family over the festive season. It is a very powerful piece and I can really appreciate how Erik has combined both pieces so smoothly to make it look very much like snow. As my own interpretation I could use this technique similar to show waterfalls or rivers gliding off someones bed to give the same effect.


screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-18-10-35This piece was for an advertising campaign for Aizone. This piece shows a model with long hair that says “go big” which I thought it was from the popular quote “go big or go home” meaning make the most of things and give your all to everything. This piece appeals to me because it very much looks like the hair has a mind of its own. It can be said to be somewhat of a metaphor because at times I have definitely said this about my own hair. Furthermore this piece has given some inspiration and sparked ideas to use big hair to my advantage.


screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-18-11-24Endless Stories – I am very fond of this image because again it connects to childhood memories but also this image was also created for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation to support research and to highlight the importance of all children for filling their dreams. This is a very inspiring image because of the motivational message behind it. Looking at the delight on the young girls face will hearten those going through emotional times and for those who only wish the best for their young ones. This piece also reminds me of the book and now produced musical ‘Matilda’. She is surrounding herself in things (books) that make her happy even though things around her might be falling apart.


And lastly we have another advertisement for a Aïshti a fashion market. The main reason I like these images is because I have a project planned for the next month and outcomes similar to these images are what I am aiming for. I have intentions to hep the theatre department at Glyndwr University to create a Alice in Wonderland poster to support their production for this years christmas show. All of these images remind me of scenes from Alice in Wonderland therefore I shall certainly use these to support the visions that I want.

Overall I can really appreciate all of Erik Johanssons work and I am very much inspired to follow a similar work ethic and to believe in the ideas I’d like to create and showcase.

Looking for a brighter future. To be continued…. :)(:


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