Creating a Banner


Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” – Mark Twain


Above is an image of my banner which was designed on Adobe Fireworks.

To create my banner I had some assistance from the tutorial above. My knowledge of Adobe Fireworks was very basic therefore completing this piece certainly developed my knowledge and I now have a better understanding of this software.I was using Adobe Firework because I was advised by others. They suggested that it was much faster to use and easier to pick up.

The process was simple. First of all I created a template that was a suitable size for a banner. I then added a plain black background in order to keep the design simple and straightforward. After that I wanted to add my icon button. I found the image of a persons eye within a camera lens and certainly thought it was most relatable to my banner. I uploaded and inserted the image onto my banner and smudged the image to somewhat blend it into the background. I then added and designed my own font for my title and my word press account. Afterwards I added social media icon images and added a hyperlink to each of them so that anyone can easily find and access my different accounts and they can see all of my work that I’ve shared.

Unfortunately the image of my banner above does not include the hyperlinks from my other social media platforms therefore the links are below:

By designing this banner it has given me an insight of the process it takes to make something that resembles me and my work. Having a banner will be effective because now I can target an audience that is looking at film and photography resulting in more viewers and or subscribers / followers on all platforms which may result in my work being viewed more and shared which ultimately can increase my chance in being successful in film and photography. Furthermore having a banner looks more professional therefore when I do come to adding it to my websites I will be giving out the right first impression.

From this task I believe I’ve successful created a banner which people can view and access other social media platforms resulting in getting my work more known. I will certainly try to create other banners in the near future once I have recognised what type of style of art I am wanting to share.

Thank you for reading.. :)(:


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