Assignment No1 | Joiner

“#New Semester Resolution : Keep Calm and Kerry On”Me



Today marks our official first day of our ideas and concepts module. We were given a module pack and talked with both Colin and Dave about each assignment individually. We discussed the basics of each assignment, artists to research, ideas that pop into mind and reminiscing what past students had done for their projects.

Our first assignment is going to be to create a joiner. From our module pack it states that we must “use photographic images to turn a 3 dimensional space or object… into a 2 dimensional image… must not be put together through the use of stitcher software.” Seems straightforward enough, right?



We have 2 weeks to complete this assignment mainly so we can keep ourselves organised and at ease so that we are not rushing all of our assignments ‘minutes’ before the deadline. Therefor research and preparation is key. So before I got too eager to start making my joiner I thought I’d take a step back and this time thoroughly research other artists and ideas that will help me to create my own.

screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-16-56-27To the left are images that I’d found from the internet. And two of these images contain the work from the English painter and photographer David Hockney. Originally we had spoken quite a bit about Hockneys’ work in class however after simply researching ‘Joiner photography’ into google research and his work appearing instantly, I realised he is someone that I should influence my work on.

The images I liked from Hockneys’ collection is “Chair” 1985 and “The Scrabble Game” 1983. I particularly like the chair because I am a big fan of using simple things that usually you can find around your home however that still have a lot of character. This is because I like to be able to return to the object incase I am missing a certain angle or previous images weren’t focused instead of using landscape images where weather or accessibility is sometimes not available. Also I really like how distorted the image looks. We know it looks like a chair however we know it most certainly shouldn’t look like that. From looking at the way he has overlapped the images on this piece you can see the different angles he’s taken the images from and also there is a difference in colour in some of the images. Taking this work into consideration I would like to use this as a reference. I think these imperfections are what make his work so creative and original. We can identify that this is a joiner and I would like to achieve something similar. Also I really like the scrabble game because it includes both portrait images and still life. In addition the layout of the joiner itself looks like a game of scrabble. Another thing I like is that different emotions are shown in this image. I can imagine these are the emotions that they are honestly portraying during any infuriating ‘family friendly’ board game that almost everyone can relate to. It is something I will definitely look into. And maybe I can recreate using a different board game.

Furthermore the two images below Hockneys’ are from photographers on the internet. Although I said that I did not like the idea of using locations or certain landmarks because of the fact that potentially I would be unable to return to most locations but I really like the image of the Eiffel Tower. The artist is unknown however what I like about this image is the fact that it feels like I am seeing it in real life. It feels like a panoramic image of the famous landmark and for most tourists this image is unattainable. It is a unique image of again a well picture taken landmark which is probably why I like it even more. The last image is of a staircase which again the artist is unknown. The reason I like this image so much is because instantly it gave me inspiration to recreate it. It reminded me of the staircase in the Harry Potter films and it seems like a simple enough project to complete. Furthermore there is a range of different staircases around the world with different design and characteristics which is why this seems so exiting to try.

Lastly I did my all-time favourite research on Pinterest. A lot of these images I have already saved because they are very surrealistic and may have been considered in a range of other projects. That said it still has given me inspiration here to try portrait joiners. However the images below seem like the individual images have been printed and then rearranged and from there a joiner image has been created which certainly an alternative idea rather than editing it in photoshop.

Below are images of my brain storming. Seeing so much visual inspiration gave me ideas and old projects had come into mind which I believed would fit this assignment perfectly. Although these are my ideas for the time being I can image things changing, new ideas coming to mind and some things not working out as I thought they would. However I am expecting all of this to happen. I have intentions to try everything from my ideas list to show some progression in my work. Also practise does make perfect therefore the more joiners I create (hopefully) the better they become.



27/01/2017 FISH MUGJoiner

The image above is from my first finished joiner. On the left you can see it is an image of  a mug. It is my fish mug that I had bought from a charity shop some years ago and it is my favourite mug for a good late night cup of tea. This was my first idea because I knew it was very simple and I knew I could do it in the comfort of my own home. Furthermore there were so many possible outcomes for this image and it was ideal to have that practise before completing my main idea. Initially I’d set up a home studio including a blue and green scarf as the background. I had a desktop lamp therefore I’d set my camera settings to tungsten, low ISO, 1/100, f4.5 and had switched off my bedroom lights. My intentions when taking the photos were just to take as many as possible while also trying to highlight and showcase certain characteristics. For example trying to focus on the eyes since that is usually what a person looks first at in an image, the design of the tail and the scales of the fish and also to include shadow or highlight from the light in certain areas to really help with different shapes of the mug. I had taken images from all angles and from memory I remember having over 100 images on my camera. From there I had upload them onto my laptop and started with post production. I remember attempting this image a handful of times and this was my favourite out of them all. Unfortunately I did not keep the other outcomes however the process was all the same. All I had done is post production is take the original image as my main layer and from there I would look through all the image picking and choosing certain parts I liked about them and copied them onto the original and seeing whether they would fit. If I’m honest this process did not take as long as expected because by the third attempt I could remember which images I liked most and which worked well. Also my first attempt was very close to the original meaning it still looked very similar to how it should be and it did not look distorted in any way. Going to previous inspirations I remembered the chair by David Hockney and how that was far from how the original was therefore I tried it again. Second attempt was again still too close to the original therefore my third attempt was me learning not to be a perfectionist. I experimented with everything and felt like a mad professor creating and even crazier outcome. However I believe I was successful. My outcome is a little different from “normal” but even then what do we define as normal? For me it really stands out and people seem to take the time to relook and figure out why it looks the way it does and how it has been made. Overall I believe this piece has been successful and post production was also an eye opener because now I know sometimes its quite rewarding to try something new and go out of your comfort zone.

04/01/2017 MONOPOLYJoiner 

The second joiner I have started and not yet completed is of my monopoly board. Originally I had intentions for this to be my final piece. I am still 100% in support of this being one of my favourite pieces but not sure whether it fits as a joiner or something else. This idea had been a project in mind for over a year now. It started with a conversation with a friend of her wanting me to take images in every place in London when I moved down there. I remember telling her she could make a monopoly board  out of all the images I would send her and thats where the idea really originated from. Luckily for her she got some beautiful images of me in Leicester square, Piccadilly and Oxford Street however the idea slowly stopped and my trips to Central London became less and less. However when I came to Wrexham I was not to be disheartened. Originally when I heard the outcomes of this assignment initially returning to London and completing this monopoly board was at the top of my list however one of my restrictions was when was I going to find time to go to London? And then the idea hit me. My lectures were in Regent Street and I’d always found it amusing that there was a Regent Street on the monopoly board. Therefore I had the idea to create Wrexhams own monopoly board. This would consist of me venturing around Wrexham taking pictures of street names, sign posts, train stations, etc to match what it would look like on a monopoly board. Furthermore I said previously that I liked David Hockneys’ the scrabble game therefore it was an opportunity to create my own game.  Unfortunately I have not yet completed this piece mainly because I’ve almost been disheartened and had artists block. This piece is certainly going as planned however I do not want to ruin my concept and ideas therefore I have taken the time out to rethink and plan a few things thoroughly. However this is not stopping me from returning and finishing this piece another time and potentially I can reflect and say it was a good idea to continue.

05/01/2017 UKELELE Joiner

Last piece from me now and this was another idea in mind to just get me thinking and being creative during post production. This is my ukulele and originally the idea I’d set myself in my brain storm was to concentrate on the horoscope found on the body of the ukulele. Fast forward a little and we had a repeat problem in post production where my outcomes were just too perfect and they very much still look like the original. Therefore finding inspiration would be ideal and beneficial for me to have right now.

The images above were what I had used to help me create my ukulele piece. These pieces are very “abstract art” in the sense that this isn’t usually the way a guitar looks. (If it is, you should consider a new one). And something about this style of joiner really inspired me. Unfortunately I do not know who the artists are but I do like the way the first piece seems to have two guitars merged into one and how the second one has been simply made by only using a handful of images. Now looking at the piece I created you can see how these two pieces had influenced my own. I believe this was a very successful joiner and it has taught me that sometimes it is fine to change your original idea and re look for inspiration if you are struggling with something.

At this point I have completed two joiners and still in the process of completing a third. I am pleased with my progress however cannot say that I have my final piece. I have a lot of work in support of my final piece and although I said at the start that I would like to complete the joiner segment to this assignment by 2 weeks I am now in support of the fact that my mindset will be a lot different in a few weeks therefore I will return to this another time. In the meantime I will look into other parts of the ideas and concepts module and look at returning here another day.

To be continued… :)(:


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