Assignment No2 | Typologies

I may not be different, but I am definitely not the same” – William J. Dybus



Our second assignment is to capture and “produce an A2 wall poster containing 9 images based on typologies laid out in a portrait mode 3 x 3”.  Photographic typology is a group of images that share something similar for example doors, churches, buttons but each individual image has its own unique characteristics.


Initially I always like to do some research and have someone elses’ work influence my thoughts and ideas process. As a class we had been introduced to Bernd and Hilla Becher who were German artists and photographers who worked as a collaborative duo. (

Above are three of my favourite images from the duo. They are a collection of buildings, chimneys and furnaces that are all photographed and published in the same way however you can see each has their own characteristics. What I like most about these pieces is the idea that these images are very basic and appear like many other pictures taken by amateur photographers. A single image does not have the same impact as the set of images. There is more meaning behind the set and that is what makes it seem so powerful. Building a typology is more creative and it shows a journey just by using similar images. I cannot imagine that these buildings were all nearby therefore the duo have spent time planning and travelling long distances to create such great pieces. I am inspired to create something similar and I am already looking forward to my travels. 😉

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 15.20.57.pngNext we have a range of typologies I have found from many artists and websites. They are covering a range of different ideas that are all perfectly achievable. Some are very simple like the numbers on doors. Luckily for me I live in student accommodation therefore range of numbers yet same design is easily available. I like the ice lollies typology because it too looks like very “amateur” images however put into a collection are more significant and have a story behind them, especially a childhood memory. There is opportunity to use and promote certain brands of food and drink. For example using cans or drinks or different shapes and types of sweets. Lastly the windows is a very clever idea. Unfortunately I do not think I can interpret this idea into my own since it is a little weird to take images of peoples windows. However if this was a built up studio or environment I would like to introduce silhouettes to the images to make it more interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 18.14.45.png

Moving on above are some ideas that have come to mind that are certainly achievable. Using the images above I have intentions to recreate the camera and eyes typology however thinking of alternative angles or set ups. There is also potential for different photography style. For example low key lighting. Furthermore in mind I already have intentions to travel to London and other destinations in Europe so the opportunity to include these ideas into my work would be great. It would be almost telling a story / journey just like the Bechers. Again ideas and plans can change and new things can come out of nowhere so for now this is all that I have and I look forward to starting.


08/02/2017 PENCILS Typology 

Very much like other pieces of work created you can see a reoccurring theme of starting off easy in surroundings close to home. I had simply had the idea to take images of pencils. Originally it was only going to be one at a time however I’d experimented and set an arrangement up so that the pencils would be in a pyramid and they would alternate before every shot. The idea was to focus onto the first pencil and have the rest out of focus but colours still vivid in the background. For this piece I was using flash with an additional light located to my right. Honestly I do not like this typology. The process was far too complicated especially to my perfectionist eye and it just became time consuming with not so great outcomes. To add, in post production I had also adjusted the colour of the background to match the first pencil so that I and others can distinguish what the first pencil is. I believe I was trying to this “out of the box” on this idea and ultimately it did not work in my favour. YES doing things close to home is brilliant but also keeping it simple is also a great thing to do too. Learning from this I aim to work on the quality of image in my next experiments rather than over complicating things to make them appear more than what they are.

27/04/2017 LONDONTypology 

Next we have the outcome on my trip to London. Although I’d planned this typology this trip was reasonably spontaneous and I wasn’t 100% sure whether I could make it. However I did and it was a great weekend away! I’d already planned what, how and where I wanted to take images of the London underground. The original idea was to take images from the left angle and capture the sign whilst also capturing some members of the public waiting for their trains. Furthermore I had preplanned certain destinations that I had been previously to also take images of. It was unfortunate but also fortunately that all this had changed. I’d used a wide angle lens to take these images. My restrictions when it came to using my first idea was that not all stations had the signs situated nicely. Sometimes they were above benches and I wasn’t the most confidant to capture an image when someone was sitting, minding their own business. Therefore being consistent with the design I just kept it simple. I like this piece because it is personal to me. It shows the journey I took around London visiting all these places and using all theses types of transport. Originally all images were in colour however I had made the decision to transform it into black and white to not only compare to colour but to also make all images blend together better and to have things more in common in order to make it into a typology. I believe this has potential to be my final piece. But we shall see… :)(:

Another pre planned London typology consisted of taking images of some of my favourite West End theatres. I am a massive fan of musicals and find myself constantly  watching and listening to every soundtrack therefore another typology created that is personal to me is great. However I had a massive hiccup when I arrived to some theatres I had preplanned to take images of. Some were under construction therefore most of their bright signs were blocked and it was impossible to find a great angle to take pictures. I was extremely disappointed at the time but decided to stop this idea and turn it to something else.


Overall I have really enjoyed this part of the module. It hasn’t been too difficult and nothing is not running smoothly (for the time being). I already have a potential final piece however if things change or new ideas come to mind I will be sure to update. I’ve noticed this part takes a little more planning compared to the assignments in this module in order to successfully have nine separate images that still have something in common. But overall I am pleased with all typologies I currently have I just need to make the decision on which one to submit. To be continued… :)(:


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