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With movies, you are always in search for a good story, one that everyone will relate to and love. I love finding those stories and creating a visual world to tell the story” – Don Bluth 


When I said I watch a lot of dance videos on youtube I wasn’t lying or even exaggerating. Basically don’t be surprised but I was procrastinating (again). However something or someone was on my side today and they helped me find the one. No this isn’t some romantic love story I’m about to blog. I have found the song I want to include in my music video.

The video above is of Quick Dance Crew choreographing a dance routine to “Found my smile again” covered by Ebrahim at Urban Dance Camp. My initial attraction to this song was the fact that I just wanted to dance to it. Ebrahim has made this piece sound so natural and groovy. With his beatboxing and softly played piano there seems to be no harsh sound that throws the attention away and thats why there seems to be a nice flow to it. Furthermore the dancers and choreographers in this video are amazing and its nice to have inspiration to a style of dancing that others can follow. Quick Crew strongly showcase a dance move at every four count. This means when the beatboxing has it’s strongest / loudest noise the dancers strongly and sharply do their moves. This concept is something I will look into doing especially to get the body to match the beats of the song. Furthermore Quick Crew follow lyrics in the song. For example when Ebrahim says “you” the dancers point towards the audience. Taking this into consideration I would like my dancers to have lots of smiles and give off the atmosphere that they are having lots of fun to match the lyrics “happy I found my smile again”.

Above is the original video of Ebrahim performing “Found my smile again”. Ebrahim did not make a music video to this track. Again it simply shows him performing his piece. Ebrahims video is very successful reaching over 1million views however his other videos and subscribers do not match with this video. His success of this video could have something to do with the popular work of Quick Crews Urban Dance Camp video reaching over 4million views and others wanting to also use the music they had used. It is eye opening to see how using other peoples work can bring some success to them. If I am honest I would never have know this song or artist without watching Quick Crew first of all. I know have the mindset that sometimes having others use some of your work might be to your advantage. Unfortunately no-one can predict whether something is going to be successful or noticed on social media because it is very difficult to get that recognition but sometimes benefiting others might also benefit you.


Now that I have my song and some ideas it is time to start mashing them together in order to present them to Glyndwr “U” Dance group. As mentioned before I am a member of the dance society at Glyndwr University and I also enjoy creating class videos for them in my spare time to improve on my video editing skills. Returning to my previous comment that sometimes helping each other can be beneficial to both parties. My first video with them had been a choreography piece which has now been viewed over 100 times which for both of us was a big deal. Furthermore we’d also received two new members to the group therefore a very positive thing.

Initially I’d mentioned to my teacher Bernie Beckley during class that I had this assignment and I was looking for help. He had mentioned he was really up for it and he was sure others would be too. All members enjoyed making the previous video therefore I can see them enjoying a video with more idea and a concept behind it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 22.18.56

Above is a screenshot of the conversation me and Bernie had after our quick chat in class. I had simply given him the original song with lyrics and had said that I had intentions to do a freestyle video. At this point I didn’t want to show him the Quick Crew dance video or any other inspiration videos I had in mind because I was open to creative ideas from others especially because this video is for Glyndwr “U” Dance and I wanted them to have some creative input to it. The feedback I’d received about the music was good. I like the fact he liked the beatboxing however he did mention that this might be a difficult song for some to dance to especially because majority of the class are beginners. This I would say was a little drawback however him using the song in class for people to listen and get used to really helped a lot.


The video below shows a montage of class footage. On here you can clearly see Bernie including the “found my smile again” song within our class to get people finding their own style and to also help people feel comfortable with a camera in the class. Having this evening of just filming also gave me the opportunity to see who was 100% up for helping and who felt on edge with being in the music video.  This was important to know because I didn’t want to have my project take over the weekly class thus making people feel left out and uncomfortable therefore for the group of people who were interested I let them know my ideas and intentions so they know for next week.


Today is the day of creating my music video. I had confirmed with Bernie that I will be filming this evening. Bernie wanted people to dress brightly and he wanted to showcase the Glyndwr “U” Dance hoodies in the video which I was more than happy to include.

I had intentions to visually show the dancers my ideas and give them inspiration before we started filming. I had first shown them all the Quick Crew dance video to show them all initially where I had found the music. From there we proceeded in researching Quick Crew because everybody agreed how amazing they were. Plus we are all dancers who enjoy watching dance videos… it was going to happen! After that I showed them this video below. I’d only just stumbled across it while on my youtube research and the video itself is exactly how I imagined my music video to be. Following up on some ideas I’d had from my development post I knew I liked a simple set up and this dark set up in a sports hall is something I can easily achieve. Furthermore the one spotlight on the girl is also simple and we can concentrate on her and her dancing more so now that she’s been lighten up.  Other things that I really like about this video are the range of shots within including : shots from behind, close up of feet and hands, wide angle with her being centred and in the thirds and lastly I am very interested in tho slow motion affect. All things listed above were on my shot list and furthermore it was a freestyle video and sometimes the best of things aren’t planned so I wasn’t worrying too much about not having enough ideas before hand.

My location was the dance room in the sports hall at Glyndwr University. I initially wanted to shoot in front of the mirror however a large amount of equipment was left around that area and I did not want them in the shot. Therefore I moved to a corner of the room so that other dancers could continue in the front of the class. With me I had an industrial light in order to still see when the lights were switched off. That was positioned close to the camera and was reflecting from the white wall so that it wasn’t too overpowering. I had my Canon 1200D with a 50mm prime lens and a 10-18mm wide angle lens. I also had my tripod.

The filming roughly took 30 – 45minutes with me initially filming each person individually and then towards the end we just jammed together. For some of the dancers they struggled to perform in front of the camera so I was there to encourage and support them. Some of the dancing done in the video were warm ups and previous choreography  to just help move them. Again the aim was to just act as if we were all having fun (which wasn’t too difficult to achieve 😉 ) and lots and lots of smiling which they were very good at.

Overall the filming was very successful. It did not take too long, everybody had fun and the build up and organisation up to the filming was also done very well thanks to the communication between me and Bernie and then him passing the message on to everyone else. The feedback from Bernie and other dancers was great to see and we all have intentions to retry and get more people involved with future projects. Now that I have filmed everything I now need to edit everything togScreen Shot 2017-04-11 at 19.38.48ether and share with the Glyndwr “U” Dance to see what they think.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time..

To be continued… :)(:


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