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The best part of learning is sharing what you know” – Vaughn K. Lauer


Today I had the motivation to think what I’d like to do for my music video. I am a big procrastinator and youtube is my biggest weakness therefore doing some research via youtube was going to be something I knew I’d be pro at.

Initially I thought it would be a great start to research videos by OK Go. I remember liking a video of theirs in Mondays lesson therefore researching more videos would bring me more ideas. This was successful. However I was sucked into a youtube black hole. 😱

The video above is “Here it goes again” by OK Go. Originally in Mondays lesson I did not remember OK Go however after seeing this video I certainly know and remember who they are. I remember this being a very influential music video when I was younger. From doing some research I found out that this music video won the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video and the 2006 YouTube awards for Most Creative Video. I must agree that this video is a well deserved winner for both awards. I like this video because of how simple it is. The set up seems to be one camera, multiple tread mills and four of the members of OK Go. Time has been put in to choreograph and execute the routine to match with the music. Plus the video seems like one cut instead of editing multiple cuts to make everything perfect but in my opinion the imperfections are what make it effective and likeable. Plus the fact that it is fun, creative and original (at the time) emphasises the fact that its an all time music video.

Taking this video into consideration I like the idea of producing a “dance” music video. It seems fun and theres more play to include ideas instead of being limited to a certain idea or outcome. Therefore I shall now research artists that include dance routines and or groups and individuals that dance in their music videos.

Researching dance music videos was an easy task for me because I absolutely love watching dance videos on youtube. One of my favourites is “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. This  because after watching this video I then researched Royal Family Dance Crew who are a hip hop dance crew originally from New Zealand and automatically became a fan girl (puts head down in shame that I just admitted to that). All dancers in this video are absolutely fantastic and I believe they are vey inspirational characters. The video is “colorful, fun, and upbeat”. Again this video is very simple and the plain white background complements the fun colours. Another aspect I liked was the jump cuts. This gives it more creativity because they could include a range camera shots. This included close ups of individual dancers and body parts, rule of thirds, centred, upside down, slow motion, wide angle and shots with depth. Also I like the formation of the dancers. This included lines, triangles, random and people in the foreground and people in the background.

Taking this and the video before into consideration I still want to include dancing in my music video. I am a member of the Glyndwr ‘U’ Dance society in university so there is an opportunity to collaborate with them similar to others students doing this module collaborating with local bands. It might have the same effect as I had with this dance video with viewers become fans and staring classes in Glyndwr which ultimately benefits them. Furthermore I like the simplicity of the video with the variety of shots and the fun atmosphere.

Another example by Justin Bieber is “Love Yourself” which includes a very influential dance couple Keone and Mari Madrid who I have admired for a while and before this video was released. This video is a little different to the others because there seems to be a concept behind the video. The dancers almost tell a story without talking and only dancing. This gives the video more meaning and is open for interpretation from viewers. Personally I think the video is about the struggle within a relationship and shows the process of a couple drifting apart and finally going their separate ways. Ideas I can take from this video includes sub framing shots, especially the mobile phone. I think its a very creative idea and would love to give it a go whether in this video or not. Furthermore I like how personal and relatable it is. The fact that it is filmed in their home also influences my ideas because when filming I like to consider location and have in mind if its going to accessible or is the location unrealistic to achieve.

After watching this video I will consider a concept or at least have the music match the mood of the dancers. Include sub framing shots. Consider an accessible location.

Next is “Paper Hearts” by Tori Kelly featuring Ian Eastwood. I included this video because I like and admire both artists and this is the type of music I enjoy listening to and would consider using. This video too is very simple especially the dancing. It is similar to “Sorry” with the white background and I like how Tori is apart of this video unlike all of the other artists. I know I cannot get big artists to feature in my cover music video however its still a part of the video I really enjoy. Furthermore Ian’s more relaxed and freestyle dance style is a lot more satisfying to watch because he is expressing more emotion and flows much nicer.

From this video I like the idea of letting the dancers freestyle to a song instead of choreographing a dance piece and having to practise and perfect it. Furthermore it seems more achievable especially because I have a limited amount of time to film. Furthermore I really like the use of film overlays and polaroid pictures with the lyrics written on them which is certainly something I will consider.

And lastly we have “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran featuring Philip Chbeeb. Philip is a dancer I have admired since I was about 13 therefore it would be rude not to include him in my research. This video is similar to the ones above by featuring a concept and allowing viewers to make their own interpretation. Plus it features the most beautiful ginger in the world. Philips dancing is on another level which I truly admire.

This video could influence my work because I would like to include a freestyle style of dancing. Furthermore at the start there seems to be scene where the footage has been reversed and the move Philip does seems to be impossible to do which is different and definitely will consider for my video.

From this research of the music videos above the things I’ll consider doing in my video are:

  • Fun dancing
  • Simple set up
  • Jump cuts
  • A range of camera shots (close ups, centred, upside down, slow motion, wide angle)
  • Good composition (rule of thirds, lines, depth, sub framing)
  • Concept?
  • Easy location
  • Music matches emotion of dancers
  • Freestyle dancing

This is a good start and hopefully a idea will pop into mind. But until then.

To be continued… :)(:


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