Music Video | Introduction

Today’s recording techniques would have been regarded as science fiction forty years ago” –Steve Wozniak


First official day back and it is a new start to semester 2. We were given our module pack for media and techniques by Dave and Joe and we talked about what was expected of us during this semester. Our learning outcomes include: analysing the work of others and recognising why specific styles, symbols or technology have been used. Demonstrate practical skills using a variety of media and techniques. Express ideas and make connections to other concepts and solve problems. Reflect and critically evaluate my work. With that fixed in my brain we then found out what we will be creating. Over the semester we must produce a music video and a short film.We were going to separate the two assignments between the semester. We were going to create the music video first with the deadline being March 13th and then the short film with the deadline being May 8th.

With our music video we have the option to either work within a group of no more than 3 or work as an individual. Furthermore we had the opportunity to produce our music video for local bands who want to showcase their music but need a little help that could benefit both them and ourselves, we could create our own music so we have complete control of everything or we could use music from recognised artists taking into consideration copyright. With the brief in mind we were all set to go. However we still had the rest of the lesson to share ideas and research music videos to hopefully enlighten us with ideas.

Our first activity was to watch the video All is Full of Love while muted. The idea was to imagine what the music would sound like to see whether the artist has successfully established a link between music and visuals which is what we are aiming to achieve in our music videos.

Second activity was to listen to Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. We then were set in groups to image what the music video would look like.

After the class activities we then researched influential music videos, artists, film makers, etc and shared ideas and our own favourite videos. A video that stood out for me was one from OK Go.

Furthermore Joe had shared some music videos he had created for local bands in Wrexham. This included him sharing the fact that there is a small multi purpose creative space named “Undegun” which was widely available for us to use as a space to create our music videos which he had successfully done in the past. Undegun encourages the Wrexham community to get involved with the arts therefore even visiting the location and speaking with people from there might bring new opportunities. We shall see.

To be continued… :)(:


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