Assignment No4 | Street Photography

“If you can smell the street by looking at a photo, it’s a street photograph” – Bruce Gilden


INTRODUCTION – Street Photography 

Our fourth assignment is to produce a portfolio of 6 images in monochrome or colour featuring street photography from streets, parks, beaches and other settings.


If I’m honest there is so much artist research to be done here. This part of the module is one I’m most excited about because it is so out of my element and the work I had found from others is absolutely brilliant and inspiring.

Above are images from the famous French street photographer Henri Cartier Bresson who is very much known for capturing his images in the moment. From the images above you can very much see that he is true to his word and work. I can certainly imagine him walking around with his camera and skipping / running towards something whenever he believes its going to be a great shot. The monochrome images also highlight the realness of what he has shot and it really does give that effect on in the moment.

Another photographer with a similar style to Bresson is American street photographer Vivian Maier. Her work became more well known after her death in 2009 as she only really did photography in her spare time. Her images are too displayed in black and white and very much following the saying of living in the moment. Although she captures perfectly she seems to have a lot of luck on her side. From what we’ve learnt in our first semester about rules of good composition, examples of lines, odds and sub framing can all be found in her work. It is definitely something that I can apply to my own in order to improve or make it look more appealing and unique.

Lastly we then have work by Bruce Gilden, Keith Carter and Norman Parkinson who too open my eyes to a number of different styles of photography. Gilden seems to invade the privacy of his “models” and he seems to capture those lets just say not looking their best. I can’t say it is a style that I would be confident at doing but it has definitely given me a different perspective on atmosphere and environment which I didn’t quite consider. Moving on I have looked at Carter’s work in a previous assignment and it was nice for him to return. I really like the use of silhouettes in his piece and the main focus is on the landmark. Visiting areas with landmarks might be an alternative idea. Lastly Parkinson is the first example to use colour in his street photography images. There is a slight difference here thought where it seems that his piece is like a piece from a fashion shoot and thus not making it so in the moment. However it is nice to make that comparison on how the colour of an image can really redirect what viewers think of it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 13.51.28Here are my own examples of street photography that I had done in Amsterdam in January. This was reasonably easy because my intentions were not to photograph the public it was to photograph the environment and atmosphere in this part of the world. Furthermore there was no pressure to produce great results 😉 Taking these images previously gave me the knowledge of whats its like to take images on the streets. Usually people are understanding of people taking images but I do not know whether that was because I was in a tourist area therefore it would be nice to see what its like taking images in smaller areas like Wrexham.


Again above is an image of my though processes. This time my ideas consist of travelling as much as I can, attending as many events as I can and simply using different times of the day to my advantage. Furthermore I have the guidance of other artists and I have set myself a challenge to see if I could recreate any of these images.


08/04/2017 SHREWSBURY – Street Photography 

Above are a mixture of images from my Shrewsbury photo safari and me just practising my street photography. Overall it was a successful first try. The first image is something similar to Vivian Maier’s image of the mother holding her two children’s hands. I am very impressed with myself that I’d managed to capture that image. Other things I’d considered were alleyways for sub framing walker byes. Furthermore I was wanting to introduce a lot of Shrewsbury’s history into my images therefore I’d included the statue of Charles Darwin and also a symbolic phrase to the to the small town. All images I am very pleased with and can be shortlisted to my final decision.

13/04/2017 KRAKOW – Street Photography 

My next adventure was to Krakow in Poland. Although this was a personal holiday I wasn’t shy of getting my camera out. From visiting Krakow I believe surrounding myself in markets situated in the square is a great idea for street photography because it attracts a range of people. Above are images taken from my time there. One if you’d noticed looks like the one by Henri Cartier Bresson. It is of a man surrounded by pigeons and that too was very in the moment. Another favourite of mine is the on with the women with “Girls Rule” on the back of her jacket. For me it signifies a power movement and a current issue that we have about equality worldwide. Its a powerful picture for me. Lastly I really enjoyed taking images of street performers because they have so much potential to create an outstanding image by their wonderful talents. I will continue to take images however my final decision will not be any easier.

21/04/2017 STREET PERFORMERS (LONDON)Street Photography

Taking on the advice of visiting street performers I had the opportunity to sit roughly four hours in Covent Gardens simply watching street performers one after the other perform what they do best. There was so much more for me to experiment on and it is great practise if I am wanting to work in theatre photography. The idea is to capture the best times for the performers and to ensure the images represent them positively. Luckily for me I was able to get the contact details of two of the performers in order to share my images with them ultimately to gain a little more recognition. This could have a positive effect on both of us. So far these images are certainly my favourites. Its a style of theatrical street photography which I am very much interested in retrying. I am happy to say that a lot of these images will be put towards my final submission.

22/04/2017 MARKETS (CAMDEN, LONDON)Street Photography

You can’t go to London and not stop by to Camden. Camden a place of culture and lots of people. Great for street photography. A lot of this trip consisted of me looking in shops so thats why there isn’t too many images however here you get much more of a vibe on what it is actually like to visit Camden. I suppose this is the overall aim of street photography to get others understanding the environment in which an image has been taken in. Overall very happy with these images.

23/04/2017 LONDON MARATHON – Street Photography

In addition I’d had the opportunity to watch the London Marathon. The images above do not really resemble what I wanted to achieve in street photography however I did brain storm the fact that I wanted to photograph events and this was certainly a great and inspiring event to attend. My favourite image out of this selection is the second image. It is of the runner who’s legs turned to jelly 200m away from the finish line. His story has become quite popular on social media so it was surprising to capture that moment by photograph.


Lastly I’d simply taken in the moment images off my phone and camera that don’t really have a overall theme but I was simply walking from one place to another and could not pass by without taking an image. This to some extent shows my confidence growing because I’m not as nervous to take pictures of the public without the worry of them shouting at me.

Overall I am very happy with the quantity and quality of all images taken. It has especially sparked an interest to further this style into my daily / personal photography. It has also given me a lot more confidence to take images in public and to also wait for the fight moments to happen. Now I have to make the decision on what my favourite images are.

To be continued… :)(:


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