Assignment No5 | Body Landscapes

“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn


INTRODUCTIONBody Landscapes 

Our fifth assignment is to produce 4 images that portray the human figure in a “more abstract and impersonal way” by taking images in a much different perspective and you so that you can visualise “interesting contours, textures and forms just like a landscape”.


This is my last assignment and now that I think about it this is probably the most difficult. Not only must I used my creative imagination to design something from a body to look similar to a landscape but I must also find someone who is comfortable enough to help. Good job I have the work of others to help me 😀

bill brandt.jpg

My first inspiration is Bill Brandt who was a British photographer well known for his distorted nudes and landscapes. Brandt’s work was originally introduced to us on our brief therefore he is certainly a influential body landscaper. As a class we reflected on his work and personally this is something very different to what I have seen before. I believe photography has NO rules and being creative is the main idea. With this assignment there is more room to be adventurous and experimental. The idea is to make the image not what it should be therefore being very creative is ideal. My favourite image from Brant is the first in the top left corner. This to me is a fantastic example of being creative and he’s almost camouflaged the body into the environment which is fantastic. If I’m honest I believe I could never come up with such an idea like this so again it is great to have inspiration by such a great photographer. Furthermore the images being in monochrome add to the camouflaged and blending in effect which is certainly something I will be looking into.

In addition I have also researched work from other artists including : Dani Olivier, Jenny Saville and John Coplans. These are certainly alternative ideas to body landscapes because in each of these images you can distinctively see what part of the body each model has used. However for me Olivier has given me ideas to used mixed media or the use of light to my advantage. Here I could create backgrounds and introduce colours to almost distract and hide away the fact that I will be using parts of peoples bodies in my work. Furthermore Saville’s work is very unique and weird. She has distorted her model to make her look very different. I do not necessary see and landscape in her work however I can open up a door of possibilities of distorting peoples bodies to create something that will resemble a landscape. Lastly we had Coplans’ work which has given me ideas of the type of models to use in my work. Sometimes it is all great to have a model with perfect figure and perfect skin however our world isn’t as perfect. I’m inspired by the character in peoples skin and it should be far better to imagine a landscape in something that almost resembles it. Finding models with more age would be ideal because you can see a difference between theres and one of someone who is younger. Altogether great ideas and inspiration. I look forward to whats next.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.02.36

In addition I’d also found these images on Instagram. It too supports an idea similar to Dani Oliviers by using light and backgrounds to hide your models body part and make it seem as if it is apart of a landscape. Furthermore it is nice to see a comparison in the two styles of photography in these images. One is low key and the other is high key / flash photography therefore that too would be a something to consider.


Like other assignments I like to show pieces of my brain I like to ideas. This has simply covered all previous ideas mentioned from other photographers. Ideally I have intentions to create something similar to theirs while also adding a bit of my creativity and style to it.


25/04/2017 – DISTORTIONBody Landscape 

My first experiment consisted of me returning to the distortion workshop we had in the first semester with Colin. I simply wanted to recreate the “messed up” images similar to Jenny Saville’s. I’d simply asked Izi to be my model, retrieved the distorted mirror, set up two tungsten lights either side of the model and tried capturing unique outcomes in the mirror. I didn’t have aims for this shoot and wasn’t really looking at resembling it to any type of landmark. It was simply an experiment inspired by another artist. However the two outcomes above have become my favourite. They do not remind me of landmarks but instead tree roots and bark. You can faintly recognise Izi’s face (especially if you imagine her with three) and this distortion and my imagination is what makes it look a little “landmarkie”. The decision to post product the images into black and white came after I’d noticed she looked like trees. The images were originally very colourful therefore getting rid of this meant there was more confusion to what the images were thus making people see and make things up. These images won’t be submitted as a final piece but it was certainly fun to try out.

01/05/2017 – MY FACE  – Body Landscape 

There is no explanation to how beautiful i look in all of these images. Lucky for you I was having a bad day therefore my skin was terrible which ultimately is great for photography 😉 My intentions for this shoot was to create great facial expressions to reveal “laughter lines”, dimples, spots, hair, etc that could resemble the rock faces, boulders, stones, etc on a piece of landmark. I had used low key lighting in this shoot and simple revered my screen to see what I was photographing. Personally I very much enjoyed being my own model because I wasn’t afraid to do the most “attractive” poses in order to produce some good results. Above are a selection of some of the images I’d taken. Overall they are a good start to this part of the module however even though I have tried hiding my “natural” expressions as much as I can you can still distinguish these images as more human rather than landscapes. This is one improvement needing to be made. Advice given by others was to crop and manipulate the images furthermore and this should help hide what I meant to be. What I do like about these images are the shadows, dimples and bumps. They give more character to the images rather than a plain canvas. Again good start and I will take all feedback into consideration.

02/05/2017 – IZI’S HANDS – Body Landscape

Alternatively this time I’d almost follow the footsteps of Bill Brandt and John Coplans and used flash photography in my work to create the results above. Again I’d used Izi to be my model and my aim was to use her hands to create outcomes similar to dry soil where you get all the cracks in the sand which I wanted to compare to the lines on peoples hands. Overall I am very pleased with my results. They are a little more landscaped compared to my previous experiment and again taking into consideration the constructive criticism I just need to take more into consideration in post production. My aims are to highlight texture and character in the skin and facial expression. I want it to be a little obvious on what the image is but body landscapes should be interpreted to individuals with what they can see in the image.

Overall I am very pleased with my outcomes. I have received some feedback mentioning that I should focus and adjust some images so that it is not as obvious what their origins are and that they do look like landscapes. Taking this into consideration I will be concentrating on post production to finalise my favourite pieces.

To be continued… :)(:


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