Rotary Christmas Lights Event

Its the most wonderful time of the year” – Andy Williams

17/11/2016 –  Rotary is a non profit organisation Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 20.14.49found internationally and in smaller communities like Wrexham with its aim to improve the lives of other through educating and donations and to also promote peace around the world. I had found a advertisement about helping Rotary with its yearly  Christmas lights on event on the Glyndwr University Prospects Careers Network page and decided to get in contact with them. I had intentions to volunteer with the photography at this charity event as it would help gain experience, recognition and if I was successful maybe I could help again in the future. Before the event I had met up with Sam Foulkes (Rotary events organiser) , Kris Alexander (Nominated President) , Fiona Bassett (President) at Plas Coch restaurant where I met another young volunteer eager to help. We were given a location and map of all that was going to be there. Plus the Rotary members gave us advice and suggestions on what types of things to look at for and what they expected us to photograph. They also wanted a video of the event so I mentioned the fact that I enjoyed making Gopro videos and was happy to give it a go!

Above are some of the images taken from the event. Overall I really enjoyed my evening helping the Rotary charity. It was an experience of being able to go backstage and photograph the performances and also meet all of the guests. The images obtain from the night are also very good and I’d received great feedback from Rotary members. From the night I think now I have learnt that I should be more confident when taking street / event photography. I’ve learnt that more is better especially because I know they didn’t receive as many pictures as they hope to (but I know this for next time) and lastly just to explore more and have a lot of fun doing so. So far nothing has been mentioned about helping them out again however I have received invitations via Facebook to attend events coming up in the summer so there is potential for that in the future.

Thank you reading. To be continued… :)(:


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