The Photography Show

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” – Bruno Barbey

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 22.32.3621/03/2017 – Myself and classmates had ventured off to Birmingham to attend the students day at the photography show. I had tweeted that we were going to attend and much to my surprise the photography shows official twitter account had liked my tweet. Before setting off I was expecting the photography show to be very similar to creative futures week where we could attend lectures with a guest speaker and ask questions if suitable. Furthermore we could interact with others from the creative / photography industry while also asking for advice form peers and networking. When we arrived, the show looked similar to a market with many brands, schools and lectures trying to promote and sell their products. Personally I didn’t need to buy anything but was interested in potentially upgrading my camera if there was a good bargain. Unfortunately no new camera stood out so I left the show empty handed. However it was nice to interact a little with Canon and to see their line up of cameras from over the years. Nice to educate myself on studio lighting and prices to expect when I do decide to invest. Saw many portfolio booklets that were truly amazing and it would be exiting if one day I could have my work within one. Furthermore I really enjoyed seeing alternative schools offering European and other travel trips with famous photographers to gain more experience. I had approached the Appleton photo training stand which specialised in dance and performance photography which I am very much interested in doing. They were offering free memberships and I had signed up to receive newsletters and updates on any future events and trips. This is very useful for me because if I was to attend something in the future there is potential for opportunities from others on these events as well.

The images above show the emails I have received from them after the event and the benefits of being a bronze member with Appleton photo training. I have from there joined a Facebook page and regularly been un to date if certain events have been added. I could certainly see myself attending one of their European tours mainly because as a young student I have every intention to travel. Furthermore it would be very educational.

Overall attending the photography show was very successful. It was nice to venture out somewhere other than Wrexham and to see what is out there. If I was to attend next year I think I would research a little more into the show. Others had said after returning to Wrexham that there were talks from photographers however the price of £10 per talk was fixed in order to attend. This seems reasonable especially if there was someone I was meaning to meet and learn from. However I will learn for next time.

Thank you for reading.. :)(:


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