Shrewsbury Photo Safari Competition

“It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin 

08/04/2017 – Prior to this event I had the opportunity to visit Shrewsbury and the evolution explored Magnum photo exhibition (images above). The exhibition was a series of 40 images located in St Mary’s Church and the Square in Shrewsbury anScreen Shot 2017-04-24 at 19.31.26d was following the theme of evolution as a celebration of Darwin’s birthday. From that time spent looking at these images taken by international artists, seeing their adaptation and interpretation of Charles Darwins’ evolution had really inspired me to try something similar to complete as part of my ideas and concepts module. I had decided to follow all partners involved with the exhibition on social media and this is how I stumbled across this competition. Hive Shrewsbury had tweeted about this event as it was a sub event supporting the exhibition. Personally I was very interested in giving this competition a go because I remember Shrewsbury being such a lovely town with character and historical significance and certainly a great place to take photographs of. However I was certainly unsure what to expect but looking forward to a day shared with like minded photographers.



A photo safari “is intended to be an adventurous journey of expedition during which people hunt for, explore, or investigate opportunities to creativity write… via the medium of photography”. Basically I had the opportunity to spend this sunny day in Shrewsbury exploring the town and using my creativity to take images I’d like to share with others. This competition has certainty had a positive effect on the amount of people visiting this wonderful town and its a great idea to continue with in order to increase tourists to the area as in theory this competition is simple giving us the opportunity to sight see.

Above is the brief I had received from the Hive Shrewsbury and it consisted of 4 challenges to complete by the end of the day. Once we had completed these challenges we would return to the Hive where we were able to share our images with others and the would print them off and showcase them in their facilities.

  • Challenge 1 – simply to take an image from an alternative view. This could range from photographers lying on the floor or to a sub framing image.
  • Challenge 2 – to use an element of trickery and combine mixed media to an image to set a scene or to tell a story.
  • Challenge 3 – to take a portrait image resembling one similar to Magnum photographers concentrating on expression, emotion or interaction and to try make it as unique as possible.
  • Challenge 4 – to take two images that show the detail in distance. These images will be presented as a pair and are designed to compliment each other.

Furthermore other things included in my pack included more information about the Hive and Grain which is certainly useful to have because I am now up to date with upcoming events nearby that include workshops and guest talks by successful artists. These events will be great to attend because it is supporting me as a new photographer and it is setting paths to interact and network with others in the industry.

Overall this competition was great to get involved with. Unfortunately I had only completed one of the challenges which was taking an image of an alternative view.  The image below is the image that I submitted. It was taken from a circle on a wooden fence in St Mary’s church and it is an image of a man looking at the outdoor exhibition in the Church. I like it because I have completed the challenge and also included the exhibition into it. By taking this step back to achieve an alternative view image also gave me more confidence to take images towards my ideas and concepts module which includes street photography.  Instead of completing the challenges I then took the time to get more practise doing street photography. And most of the time it was at an alternative angle.

Although I have not completed these challenges does not mean I will not be returning to Shrewsbury to finish them sometime in the future. Furthermore the idea of researching more or even creating clever challenges like these might be something to look into in the future because it truly makes an image more creative and more unique.

I look forward to trying this again. Thank you for reading.

To be continued… :)(:



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