Wales Comic-Con 2017

I think that, if the world was a bit more like Comic-Con, we’d all be a little happier” – Matt Smith

09/04/2017 – Before this date I had never attended a Comic Convention therefore I was intrigued to what the Wrexham Con had to offer. Magically our lecturer Joe had obtained IMG_3090enough press passes for all first year film and photography students to attend the event. He managed this by simply emailing the event organisers and requesting a number of passes for students to gain more experience. As you can see they were happy to do so. It is nice to see that attending any event is possible if you just ask nicely 😉 From there we were told to simply take images of the event and share them on social media so that others attending can see what we had done. Personally I was only able to attend on the Sunday. I had intentions to film with my Gopro of all the stalls around the university grounds and take as many images of the event especially after learning from my Rotary lesson. Unfortunately I did not achieve any of those aims. Like I had mentioned in the start this was my very first Comic Convention therefore it was a lot to take in. I had spent most of my time walking and simply admiring what everyone had to offer. I also had a chat with a few freelance artists and it was nice to just attend the event. However from the images I did share I have had great feedback especially the image of Batman with his “power” pose. Overall it was a great day and it is certainly a day I will look forward to attending again. Next time I will try a lot harder to take images and potentially film or interview some special guests or cosplayers.

Than you for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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