Short Film | Afterthought | Ideas & Development

“Sometimes the mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open” – Frank Zappa 


Today as a group we had come to the agreement of picking the Afterthought as our main idea and wanted to create it to be a hybrid genre of Psychological / Horror. Again this idea consists of a young girl is having a informal discussion with a psychiatrist. From there the psychiatrist asks the girl a range of questions including ones about her aims for the future and the “afterthought” would be these flash forwards / backs of her life and what she aimed for the future. The girl is then asked about any regrets and she has a flash back of when she committed a murder now regretting the fact that she is now a young offender who has no future.

Above are some quick notes from by bus journey full of rugby and hockey players to take pictures for the Varsity sports completion. They are generally just ideas to share with Geraint and Sam so that have a full understanding of what my thought process is. My intentions is to now tell them ideas and let them give feedback and bring their creative thinking in order for us to had all of our ideas inputted into this short film.

The note include a brief synopsis of my idea which I have covered multiple times. I am now wanting to highlight the fact that during the questions the psychiatrist asks e.g. bucket list? any regrets? the young girl will have a flash back / forward similar to the video below. I am then hoping to have point of view shots of whatever the girl is saying e.g. imagine she says she aims to go travelling, I know I have plans to visit Poland over the easter holidays therefore I can take video POV shots of me on the plane and looking out the window as we take off. Now the video below is used as an example. It is one of my all time favourite TV show as a child. Thats so Raven is about a girl who too has visions into the future. You can see she has a obvious time when she has visions. She looks into the camera and there is some after effect included to match her eye. This is not looking for. I am wanting to be a little more subtle but still using a creative effects to see that the young girl is having a flash back / forward. It is a great example because with the few adjustments this is what is should look like. I do like the fact that she looks directly into the camera but again what is after that needs to be changed. This is where the input of my group members could be very helpful.

Moving on I’d briefly mentioned characters and we are looking at including 3 maximum. One young girl, one sympathetic psychiatrist and one stereotypical police officer. Other characters are simply in the POV shots which I do not have intention for them to do lots of acting. Maybe more natural surrounding to make the shot more believable.

Second page includes props and clothing. Very simple design of our location which is a “interview” room therefore nothing really needs to be overcomplicated. More things can be added over time to feel more realistic but for now this is what I have. Equipment is important because we now know what we have and what we are working with. This is perfectly achievable plus I know my other members of the team have their selection of equipment. Location again very achievable place. I am sure that there is somewhere on the University grounds that would allow us to shoot this scene if we look and ask properly. Lastly ideas for bucket list so I have an idea what to shoot in POV in my day to day life. This could simply be shot on my go pro because its easier to carry around and quickly get any spontaneous shots, you get that fish eye effect which ultimately is similar to a POV shot. Plus in post production there may be more that can be done to change the dynamics of the shot.

Lastly I have an introduction to a script. It is incomplete but it is showing the sweet interaction between the young girl now named Mary and the psychiatrist now name Claire. I am wanting to make Mary seems sweeter at the start so that she seems twisted and manipulative towards the end when we find out she has committed a crime. Overall a good start on my behalf with planing the short film. I now hope the other team members like what I have and we can look into arranging film schedules.


Unfortunately today I made the decision to work alone rather than in a group. This was because of my own personal feelings. I was under the impression that this had become MY idea and I was planning and thinking of everything. As a group project I was wanting a little more input and creative thinking from the other two members however no quick development was really happening. My reasons for going alone was mainly timing. We do not have a large amount of time to produce this short film and if no progress and agreement was being made as a team then doing it alone where I know my own schedule and can rearrange around the people who are willing to help seemed like my only option. It was really unfortunate however both Geraint and Sam were ok. I have since kept a little up to date with what they are doing and they seem to be managing.


Now the biggest problem I am now facing is how am I going to film this. Going back to a previous comment with unless I was an octopus I’m not 100% sure how I’d manage it.

Lucky for me I watch a lot of Netflix and was fixed on the new series “13 Reasons Why”. I won’t go into detail because it was quite a difficult series to watch because of the nature of some of the scenes but the screenshots below are of some of the characters recording their statements because of the death of a classmate. The types of angles includes a wide angle of the person is question (background) and the interviewers closer to the foreground but with their backs towards the camera, a close up of the camera screen with the person out of focus in the background and the video recording including the REC, date and times to make it realistic. I believe all three angles are the basics of setting the scene to an interview. There may not be much variety however it is far more manageable.

Once I was fixed on the arrangements and was certain that this could work I next started thoroughly planning everything in order to show to friends and family and try get them to help with the process of things. In my head I had a pre planned idea to film in the kitchen of my friends Becky’s house. She too lives in my hometown Bangor and has more access to a range of people that I would imagine would be cool to help.

Above is are new notes of the afterthought production. Overall the concept has stayed the same however and additional character has been added and instead of Claire being a psychiatrist, she now along with a male character are just going to interview Mary for reasons she does not know which returning back to the “13 Reasons Why” screenshots this was exactly the position that all characters were put in there so it would be fun to try my interpretation of it. Below we also have notes of my script which is almost complete but this time round I’d certainly determined a lot more about the characters like their actions, emotions, tone of voice and intentions which is nicely coming together because now I am certainly comfortable enough to share this idea with someone for them too to understand my thoughts process and hopefully give me a helping hand.

Again returning to my friend Becky I had told her previously about the project and from that date she had said if I’m needing help she is always available. We’d arranged a FaceTime so that I could share ideas, locations, characters and how she and other could support. Overall the feedback received from Becky was very positive. We’d also had the opportunity to run through the script and came to a decision that she would play female interviewer and I would play Mary. We both also had a mutual friend in mind to play male interviewer therefore it was up to me to get in contact. From there location was too very easy. Becky too is a student therefore keeping things close to home so that she doesn’t miss out too much on studying was ideal. Filming it in her kitchen was ideal and I know it was easy enough to tweeek and transform the scene into something it was not. Lastly it was safe to say that Becky is too very passionate about film making as she did it in collage therefore we both got very excited when we talked about an alternative ending.

Following the flashbacks and them all being in POV our alternative ending idea had turned out that Mary had witnessed a crime instead of committing it and the reason she was being interviewed was because the female interviewer was the one who had committed it and wanted to almost scare Mary in not to say anything. It was a devious plan and both of us were exited to test it out.

By this point I’d now confirmed the location with Becky. Me, Becky and now James were all happy to feature in the film and all knew our characters and lines. I was arranging to return to Bangor to do a test shot with the crew on Saturday the 6th so that it didn’t take too long to shoot the real thing. From there the filming will take place on the 9th which should in theory give me enough time to edit and make amendments over the weekend. I look forward to this. Thank you for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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