Short Film | Introduction & Ideas

“Filmmakers are going to make films, just like painters are going to paint” – Richard Linklater 


Now that we have completed our music videos and successfully submitted everything in it is now time to move towards creating a short film. We were given a brief by Joe to create a short film between 5 to 8 minutes long. We had the decision to again work within a group or individually. We were given a set of titles and genres which we must use in order to create our film. The idea is to interpret these titles and genres in our own way to plan and produce a strong concept matching with whatever we have picked. There is such a variety of things that we could do and it is just sitting down and thoroughly planning what that is.


This time I have decided to be apart of a group. My main reason for this is because producing a film is a lot more difficult to achieve especially with the amount of jobs included on just the set and filming day so unless I become an octopus then being part of a team is the best option. My team consists of myself, Geraint and Sam. I believe we all have our strength and weaknesses however collaboratively we will do ok. I believe my strengths are ideas and management. I am a big “perfectionist” and like things organised as much as I can therefore ideally I would be good at arranging locations, managing and finding people to help if we need actors or actresses and producing a schedule. Whereas I believe Geraint and Sam are a lot more technical than I am. They know far more about production and post production so this is how we could work to our strengths.

First things first was brainstorming and ideally picking our idea. We had created a group chat on social media so we could collectively share ideas, reflect and maybe start planning everything out instead of always needing to do so in classes. Below is a picture of the ideas that I had in mind. I’d simply used the titles available from the list and  thought of ideas that first came into mind when reading these titles. From there I would class them in what I thought was there most suitable genre thus making it a lot easier to select both aims properly.


Personally my favourite ideas were the afterthought and the big picture ideas. They both have a simple concept but still quite original. Our intentions when making this short film are to make the concept very emotional and to highlight any motives in the storyline. These two ideas certainly highlight both aims as they highlight emotions like: fear, guilt, regret, passion, excitement and adventure. This is certainly a wide range of things which will make the concept far more enjoyable to watch.

Furthermore Sam also had an idea based around the genre horror / suspense / action which involved a murder in the woods. Personally I thought his idea was good but needed more depth and story behind it. I suggested a collaboration between his and my idea, which seemed to work very well. This idea was with the afterthought idea. This is simply showing a young girl is having a informal discussion with a psychiatrist and the audience is not 100% sure why that is so. From there the psychiatrist asks whether the girl has any regrets and she has a flash back of when she committed a crime (potentially being Sam’s murder in the woods idea) and her regretting the fact that she is now a young offender who has no future. Overall I thing this idea is manageable between us and I look forward to planning and producing it with my group. To be continued… :)(:


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