Varsity Sports Photography

Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play” – Unknown

Personally I find myself always looking for something new to do. I had found that the Universities performing arts department had settled down ready for its next big performance and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of events happening for the time being. However after a long conversation with my flat mate about multiple topics one certainly stood out. She knows that I am studying film and photography and suggested getting in contact with Will Medforth the sports and activities manager for all sports societies at Wrexham Glyndwr University. She is a member of the woman’s hockey society and always thought it would be good to have a photographer come to games and document them. This is because it is nice to see some results and remember them for the future and also to promote these societies a little more because to gain more members because even I didn’t know what was available at the University. Furthermore it is an ideal position in order to gain more experience and for people to recognise and share my work.

Above is a screenshot of the email I’d sent to Will with his reply next to it. I’d simply said that I am a photography student looking at gaining some experience and asked him whether he was interested. We then arranged an appointment together and at that meeting we had discussed my style of images, what was expected of me, events he’d like me to attend and lastly he’d given me a contract to sign and to show that he was happy for me to take photographs for the sports societies. After our meeting he’d kept me up to date with games and practise times but was 100% aware of my work and deadlines. He was very supportive of my studies and was never disappointed if I couldn’t attend. He then requested for me to attend Glyndwr Universities annual varsity competition against Chester University and luckily I was available for the day.



Today was simple enough. I was invited to take images of the sporting event at Chester University and to enjoy the day and support all Glyndwr teams. My only worry about today was the fact that I have not had any experience in sports photography. Especially sports that I do not usually play and understand everything about. Also I am worried about the quality of the images and I am hoping that they will turn out exactly what Will had in mind to share with others. For today I am using my Sigma 70 – 300mm lens mainly because I know I cannot be very close to the teams as they play their games therefore having a lens which can support the distance between me and the players is ideal. Furthermore I have set my shutter speed very high because it is a fast paced event and I am wanting to capture great action shots from each game. I’d been given a time table of all the game times and it was my decision on which ones I would attend. Ideally Will would like images from all games but I certainly got really invested in the basketball and rugby whereas football does not interest me in the slightest.


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Above is a selection of my favourite images from the event. Overall I am very happy with the outcomes. After finishing the day post production took a little longer than Will expected mainly because of other priorities however like before he did understand that my university work is important too. He too was happy with the outcomes therefore I am hoping to attend next years sporting events and gain further experience in sports photography.

Thank you for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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