Final Decisions

No matter whether you believe in luck or chance, the final decision is from yourself” – Stephan Richards 

Below are my submissions to the Ideas and Concepts module.



Above is my joiner submission. It was the first joiner I had created and it is my favourite out of the selection created. Unfortunately my only difficulty completing this part of the assignment was the fact that I did not have time to finish my monopoly piece or to create further joiners that supported my ideas. I had put a lot of thought process into these ideas and was especially wanting to submit the monopoly piece since it had been an idea I’d had in mind for a long time. However I am still 100% happy with the decision I made to submit this towards this module. This piece is very unusual and unique. I believe it grabs the attention of people because they do not quite understand what is is supposed to be. Furthermore I really like how imperfect this piece is. From my artist research I could see that others follow the same path of creating a more relaxed and almost “unfinished” joiner which is the style of which I think joiners should follow. Again very happy with this piece and I look forward to hearing feedback.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 19.02.12

Above is my typology submission. The reasons for choosing this piece was because it was very personal to me and the trip I had had around London. The piece itself was very simple to capture, easy access to all stations with many others taking images of the signs and also very easy to produce in post production. However I am still highlighting the fact that it is meaningful to me. Bernd and Hilla Becher created images that were “nothing” and created them into somethings by simply showcasing them all together. I have too done the same and by doing so I have also made a map of the journey I had around London during the easter holidays.



Above is my still life submission. My aim for this piece was to create and eerie / sinister / haunted / creepy image of some of my ornaments and childhood toys. This may be very personal but I believe I have achieved this goal. I have given this inanimate object a unsettling atmosphere around it which for some people might be great (for me not so much). I like how distant the clown looks yet we seem to focus on its eyes. We are overpowered with the feeling that the picture is going to move highlight the fact that it is so creepy. The use of low key lighting, shadows and negative space are what make this image so mysterious and I am very pleased with this result.


Above are the six images I’d selected to submit towards my street photography assignment. Completing this part of the module has definitely sparked a new interest in this style of photography because of the wonderful things you can capture by just taking a step back and watching what people do. It is a very “in the moment” style of photography which is very different and a lot more satisfying especially when you capture “the shot”. Furthermore it had tested skills on adaptation especially when it comes to my camera setting and I really had to make quick decisions in order to get certain outcomes in images. The only difficulty I had during this module was finding the confidence to take images of strangers. At times I felt uncomfortable however this is probably why I enjoyed taking images of street artists and performers in big cities because it was normal for them to have cameras on them and they were completely natural with how they presented themselves. In post production I went with an overall theme of faint pastel colours and shade. I had edited all images a number of times and this representation of them was my favourite.


Above are the four images selected and submitted towards my body landscapes.


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