Short Film | Afterthought | Test Shots

You think I’m crazy. You should see my friends” 😉 – Me


Today I had arranged with Becky and James (the two most beautiful people in the images above) to test out angles, lighting and the script ready for Tuesday the 9th where we will be filming the real thing.

Above are images from the test shot. The equipment I had with me included : Canon 70D, Canon 1200D, 50mm lens, wide angle lens, 18 -55mm lens, tripod, small industrial light, desk lamp and a rubber duck acting as a mini tripod. 😀

It was here were I was visually coming to terms with how everything would work. Here I had to do a lot of problem solving, fixing things, changing ideas, adapting, etc,etc. I was ideal to do this before the real day because it gets those involved more comfortable too and hopefully on the day things are more manageable and organised since everyone then knows there place. Plus I can imagine at times I would forget a lot of things therefore others will remember the little things which will again help on film day.

Above is a video of the test shots from our evening. You can clearly see our journey working through the angles and at times we found hurdles but over came them together. Our first hurdle was the tripod not being big enough therefore changing the distance from the interviewers and Mary was increased to bring back the camera. Once I have my mini tripod I am then figuring which lens is most suitable and am leaning towards the 50mm prime lens. From there wide angle lens revealed too much of the room so the angle was arranged more towards the left side instead of central like I originally planned. Again it was so useful to have this play with angles before the real thing. Furthermore when editing this video I had the opportunity to adjust settings of colour and I have recreated a lighting design for next time so that it did not look so orange. I was also able to find a suitable camera recording video to show over footage and could easily apply it to any video. Other things I noticed was I was out of focus a lot of times so a mental note was taken to constantly check that everyone is in focus. Plus design of the room and table was taking into consideration so props like books, tissues, water and duck were introduced in order to make the scene more realistic.

Overall a very useful evening. It has visually prepared me and I am more organised for Tuesday. From there I have also told Becky and James what I would like them to wear and how they can help me when filming on Tuesday. I am already looking forward to it. Thankyou for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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