Short Film | Afterthought | Opening & Closing Ideas

To me, movies and music go hand in hand. When I’m writing a script, one of the first things I do is find the music I’m going to play for the opening sequence” – Quentin Tarantino 


Other things that I must take into consideration is opening title and closing sequences. These are designed to set the tone, mood and atmosphere before the short film begins. It also is an insight to what the audience is about to see so should have as much importance as the short film. The closing sequence is also aimed to give credit and a thank you to all those that have helped when creating the short film.

The video above has given me ideas to the different examples of opening sequences used in short film or TV series. It is said that an opening sequence is like a brand and by using one, audience members can recognise if your short film is part of a series or style of film. The sequence again is meant to be quick and is an overview on what the film will be about. The types of opening sequences this video talks about are : plain text animation designed to be simple yet set a drama and tension with is bold title. A sequence montage which provides symbols and in depth significant meaning to what the film is about. And 3D logos which too is designed to set drama but is also meant to impress and stand out. Personally for the time being I like the idea of video montages especially if I added symbolic link to murder and death. Currently no idea comes to mind but we shall see over time.

Next my research consisted of looking at other psychological horror opening credits and reviewing how they make me feel. This opening is for a short film called “Whispers From Within”. It is a simple plain text animation however very effective. I believe sound plays a very big part in the introduction therefore certainly something to take into consideration. I also like the shakey camera. It gives it a distorted effect which adds to the genre that it is. This opening scene also uses blood which is symbolic to the fact that we can expect someone is going to die.

Moving on to another psychological opening sequence we have “My voices”. Comparing this sequence to the one previously I believe this one is a little too long and slow paced for a short film. It is almost a film within a film. However it is a great example for a flash back sequence and I really like the eye shot towards the end. There is certainly potential on doing something similar to that in my sequence. In addition the music also bring tension to this piece as does the unexplained image montage at the start. I suppose this is a little unclear on whats going to happen in the film but from what I understand it will be about the boy but he is all grown up now.

From looking at these examples I have an insight to an idea. I too would like to create a flash back sequence similar to the second example which would make connections to the flash back sequence of the murder that I have in my film. I am very interested in the symbolic element to these sequences therefore looking at things that relate to death / murder / tension / horror could be something to look out for when filming. Things like crows (the bird of death), dripping taps or blood, distorted camera movement can all add tension and questions to the audience. One thing that I did not mention was the tone and colour of the sequence. Again I want it to match with my murder flashback therefore I would like it to be in black and white. To then flash forward to my interview I will look at creating my own example of the eye scene as if Mary has had a “nightmare flashback” of witnessing the murder and when she opens her eyes she is back to reality. Something I am looking forward to trying. Thank you for reading. To be continued… :)(:


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