Short Film | Afterthought | Post Production

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein 


Yesterday went absolutely swimmingly while filming Afterthought with Becky and James. Everything went to plan. Everybody looked the part. Everyone had their game face “half on”. It was great fun and something I would definitely consider doing again. Today I have had the opportunity to piece together the short film and reflect it.

Part 1 – Should show the opening sequence with symbols of death and murder. Flash forward to a sudden eye opening as if Mary has had a “nightmare” about what she saw. Both interviewers think it is a little weird. Alternative shots include point of view of Mary acting nervous and also the shot of the camera screen with Mary in the background. This shot was one of my original ideas and was filmed on the day however the outcome wasn’t great and I did not want to use it in the film. Instead I needed to re shoot it.

Part 2 – Is the scene with just Mary and the female interviewer. To add tension to shots there could be time consuming things like clock ticking, pen tapping, stares, etc,etc. In addition go pro videos should be inserted matching with what she says about her home, mother and dog and then further shots about what she would like to do in her future. POV shots to clearly see facial expressions would be nice too.

Part 3 – Murder scene 😉 the part both Becky and I were most looking forward to filming. This scene would have been POV of Mary as it is highlighting the fact that she was the witness. In addition I would have changed the colour to black and which for effect and to also match the title sequence. Alternative shots are more POV.

Although I have planned and created this short film I have hit a massive brick wall. It is unfortunate but I do not think that I have enough footage to finish this piece and I know myself and others back in Bangor are unavailable to do any more filming. To reflect on this I do not regret leaving my team in the first place I just wished I’d made the decision to film sooner rather than later. I’d like to think that usually I do not leave this amount of work to the last minute however this time I seemed to have done this. I am currently missing the opening sequence, flash forward shots of what my family and house is like plus my bucket list ideas, murder scene and alternative angles in the reflection stages of all 3 parts. Again it is unfortunate however we should learn from our mistakes. Luckily I do have an alternative idea which is perfectly achievable for the deadline however it does not necessary have the same creativity than this original idea. Thank you for following this Afterthought process. Although it is currently incomplete, who’s to say sometime in the future I might finish it properly. Until that time.

To be continued… :)(:



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