Short Film | Alternative Idea

If plan A didn’t work. The alphabet still has 25 more letter. Stay cool!” – Mum 


Recently I have been in collaboration with Level 6 students from Glyndwr Universities Theatre, Performance and Television department. Previously I’d done some photography for their Alice in Wonderland production and they had invited me again to take part in capturing and showcasing their adaptation to “Street of Crocodiles”. They wanted photographs of the piece and also a video montage of some of the creative process behind it. I’d started understanding the production over the time spent with them and with a little assistance from Rebecca their lecturer and the visual director of the production we both decided that making a “documentary” about the play would be a great idea especially if it could be shown during the audiences arrival. I had completely control over the visuals of this documentary and the only thing that Rebecca wanted to include was the question “What is memory?” to the cast members. Again other than that she was more than happy for me to experiment with different media and techniques and if honest this is the first time I’ve ever creating something for someone else and been extremely proud of my results.


Below is the original piece I’d submitted to the Glyndwr University Theatre, Performance and Television department in order for them to use in their production.

IMG_3270 (1)

The feedback received from both Rebecca, Jenna (course leader) and the students involved in the production has been overwhelming. Again this is the first piece that I have been very proud of and it certainly took a lot of time and research in order to create it.

However in order to use this as my alternative idea I do want to change it. The genre of this idea would be documentary and the title would be The Big / Bigger Picture. This is because during my time of documenting this piece you really do get to see the bigger picture on how a performance is made. You get to see the rehearsals where tensions are high, people are cranky, mistakes are made, ideas are created and memories are made. To the end product and last show where tears are falling because it is the last time that these Level 6 students are ever going to perform together on the Glyndwr stage as a collective team. You get to also learn about a different style of production which not many people know about thus educating others about whats out there in the theatre again making links to the bigger picture. I would like the title sequence to be like an old fashioned picture / film with the countdown. I still really like the music since that too bring tension and excitement to the film. The questions can stay the same but I would like to add more especially about characters and interpretations. Ultimately my aim is not to completely change this documentary but to simply add more information to it so that audiences really do see the bigger picture.


Hopefully all goes well. I look forward to the results. To be continued… :)(:


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