Undegun Workshop

Learn something new. Try something different. Convince yourself that you have no limits” – Brian Tracy 


As part of our practice in context module we are participating in photographic workshops at Un Deg Un creative space in Wrexham. The workshop will be held with Karen and we were introduced to local artist and poet Rona Campbell. 

Rona is an upcoming photographer showcasing her invention of water lens photography at Un Deg Un. It was a great opportunity not only to see these pieces of her work in our local gallery but she also went above and beyond to show her studio, show how certain pieces have been made and gave us the opportunity to try things out ourselves. The pieces above are certainly my favourite pieces of hers because it somewhat reminded me of Alphonse Mucha with the beautiful women in his drawings. The water lens gives the image almost a sub frame so that we only concentrate what is within.


IMG_4256Funnily enough I had a wonderful time with the water lens. It is a simple piece of equipment which can give some fantastic results. Unfortunately the images taken from this workshop were taken on my film camera and due to over exposure none had been printed however this has not disheartened me. I intend to recreate these images in my own time as I believe this style of photography is very unique and has great potential for fabulous results. At the studio Rona had a piece of equipment similar to a crystal ball which I had used to photograph instead of the larger water lenses. I believe purchasing one of these and giving this a second go on a more reliable camera equipment would produce great results. Especially if I had used work from my inspirations e.g. Alphonse Mucha or even if I venture outside of the studios and photographed landscape or busy inner cities. Ronas workshop has definitely inspired many new creative ideas and I look forward to recreating her beautiful pieces. Thankyou for reading.

To be continued… :)(:




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