Polaroid Idea | Test Shots

Growth is a process of trial and error: experimentation” – Benjamin Franklin

Below is a collection of sketches, still images and videos showing my thought processes. I am simply trying to determine the fundamentals of making good composition. Although successfully using the techniques is important, I believe the video looking visually pleasing is as important too.

Test Shot 1 Canon 70D, 18-55mm, Free Hand Panning, Natural Light.

Above the sketch shows the simple arrangement of polaroids. My intention is to be close enough to the polaroids and pan from left – right – upwards – left in a smooth wave motion. After the last polaroid is seen I will zoom out to show a image of them all as seen in image above. Below are my visual results and critics:

✅ Freedom of camera movement. ❎ Shaking in movement. Stabiliser? Alternative idea?

✅ The contrast between polaroids images / videos and burgundy background. ❎ Alternatively using additional light to make bigger contrast and improve quality of picture.

❎ – More creative arrangement. Alternative Idea?


Test Shot 2 Canon 70D, 18-55mm, Montage of Videos, Transitions, Natural Light.

After trying the first idea I wanted to use a range of different clips instead of one continuous one in order to develop a montage.



Test Shot 3 Canon 70D, 18-55mm, Montage of Videos, Narrative, Natural Light.




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