Collaboration and Exchange

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better” – Fyrefly


Our second theme for practice in context is collaboration and exchange. This highlights the importance of making connections and networking in and out of university. It is a great opportunity to gain more experience in creative world in addition it is important to help and to gain inspiration from others.

24879683_1984090368492878_8109850057376609673_o.jpgFortunately I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Glyndwr Universities theatre department with their upcoming adaptation of Blood Brothers. After collaborating with them in the last academic year and knowing and seeing the west end production on blood brothers I was very eager to help. I set aside helping them every Wednesday and Friday in order to take images of the early stages of rehearsals and to also take head shots of all cast and production team. All images were being featured in the productions programme and were also showcased in the front of house so that the audience could see and recognise characters before the beginning of the show. (Images below).

Helping with the theatre department is certainly a great opportunity to gain more experience and credibility for my work. In addition I know this style of photography is one that I want to do professionally and the fact I can practise with a group of friends that are on my doorstep is an opportunity I do not want to miss. My aims for next time is to improve picture quality, add visual effects to make images more unique and to create videos to support the productions ultimately making me more confidant in this area of work. Although I have improvements I am still very satisfied with the results along with all cast members and lectures from the theatre department. Below are some of my favourites :   and heres to looking forward to taking many more.. :)(:

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