John Wilhelm

“I love bringing my fantasy to life with the help of my own images, Photoshop and 3D Software. Due to the fact that it’s more an obsession than plain passion I call myself a photoholic” – John Wilhelm 



John Wilhelm is a part time Photographer / IT Director /  Father / funny guy living in Switzerland.  He is very passionate about photography and digital art and enjoys nothing more than including his girlfriend and three daughters into his funny family friendly images.

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Erik Johansson

It’s more about capturing an idea than about capturing a moment” – Erik Johansson


Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer who enjoys capturing his ideas as photographs. However Erik’s ideas involve manipulating photographs in order to merge them together using photoshop to form a surrealistic image. Eriks’ projects take time in planning however his outcomes are fascinating and they really make the imagination work on overdrive to calculate how he has done them.

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