Assignment No1 | Lines & Shapes

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”Mahatma Gandhi



I live in an area of outstanding natural beauty ranging from mountains, beaches, landmarks and architecture and its all on my doorstep. Therefore it would be very silly of me not to make the most of good old Bangor!

Above are the pictures I’ve taken along Church Island (Anglesey) of the Menai and Britannia bridges. They are literally walking distance from my home so I picked a cloudy day to visit these landmarks. All images were taken at 1/200, aperture was f4.5 with a high ISO. Honestly I think the pictures are ok. Personally I enjoy visiting areas of natural beauty however I very much appreciate them more with my eyes rather than taking pictures. And although I picked a clear(ish) day, Wales is very much a country of indecisive weather and it was quite an unpredictable day.  In all honesty today I think the only thing I was missing was snow and even then it would never have come as a surprise.  Afterwards I’d post produced all images adjusting shadow, contrast, brightness and highlights. If theres was anything I could do differently or advice for the future is I would add something in the foreground. I think picturing a happy couple or a family would have added more character and atmosphere to these images.  Continue reading