Producing an Action Sequence

” There’s an electrical thing about movies”Oliver Stone


Today we were set an assessment to film and produce a 3 minute action sequence which must include 4 specific characters. This was due in for the following week therefore we were split into our teams and were encouraged to establish an idea / scenario, location of production, character profiles, camera angles and a script which will be presented to the rest of the groups and Steve tomorrow. Furthermore this would then allow us to ask suitable questions to others who have a different perspective on our short film and for them to add and queries that we might have overlooked.

First of all we picked our location. We had the simple idea of doing a chase sequence for the main part of our short film therefore using the long corridors in B and C corridor of Glyndwrs’ main university building was ideal. However because of the location we accepted the fact that we had to shoot the film on the weekends otherwise we would disrupt a lot of lectures and those at work.

After we found our location the basic scenario of a thief and a victim came into mind where the thief steals a bag from a girl a ‘hero’ tries to rescue the bag which leads to him being beaten up and ultimately the girl turns into the ‘hero’ which is the opposite to the way things should be.

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