Music Video | Dance Video Ideas

With movies, you are always in search for a good story, one that everyone will relate to and love. I love finding those stories and creating a visual world to tell the story” – Don Bluth 


When I said I watch a lot of dance videos on youtube I wasn’t lying or even exaggerating. Basically don’t be surprised but I was procrastinating (again). However something or someone was on my side today and they helped me find the one. No this isn’t some romantic love story I’m about to blog. I have found the song I want to include in my music video.

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Music Video | Inspiration & Ideas

The best part of learning is sharing what you know” – Vaughn K. Lauer


Today I had the motivation to think what I’d like to do for my music video. I am a big procrastinator and youtube is my biggest weakness therefore doing some research via youtube was going to be something I knew I’d be pro at.

Initially I thought it would be a great start to research videos by OK Go. I remember liking a video of theirs in Mondays lesson therefore researching more videos would bring me more ideas. This was successful. However I was sucked into a youtube black hole. 😱

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Music Video | Introduction

Today’s recording techniques would have been regarded as science fiction forty years ago” –Steve Wozniak


First official day back and it is a new start to semester 2. We were given our module pack for media and techniques by Dave and Joe and we talked about what was expected of us during this semester. Our learning outcomes include: analysing the work of others and recognising why specific styles, symbols or technology have been used. Demonstrate practical skills using a variety of media and techniques. Express ideas and make connections to other concepts and solve problems. Reflect and critically evaluate my work. With that fixed in my brain we then found out what we will be creating. Over the semester we must produce a music video and a short film.We were going to separate the two assignments between the semester. We were going to create the music video first with the deadline being March 13th and then the short film with the deadline being May 8th.

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