K | Montage : Condensing Space and Time

“Time is non refundable, use it with intention” – Unknown


Todays lesson gave me more of an insight on types of montage and creative influencers to look at. Montage was certainly an idea I was wanting to use for my final piece therefore this lesson really had an influence to my ideas. In addition how montage can have the ability to control time, pace and narrative.  Continue reading

K | Cinematography, Composite and the Green Screen

“Give light and people will find the way” – Ella Baker 


Todays lesson consisted of reacting to and analysing why people use certain lighting designs, compositions and effects in order to create something visually pleasing that others can respond to. In addition we had an insight to what previous students created towards their visual effects module hoping it will give us a better idea and understanding on what to create also giving ideas to some.

Continue reading

K | Cultural History of Visual Effects

If I knew what the meaning of art was, I wouldn’t tell you” – Pablo Picasso


Today all information was updated about our visual effects module by Karen. Our assessment is to create a short (10 – 15 second) clip which must include three techniques acquired from Dan and Joe. A presentation of ideas will be given on the 6th November and the creation and evaluation of our piece must be completed by the 8th of January 2018.

In addition to learning the techniques by both Dan and Joe, Karen will be giving us the abstract meaning to the reasons people use specific techniques and effects in their creations giving us more of a platform to reflect on our own work which will certainly come into use when updating our blogs. Continue reading