Level 4

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein


So the story begins. I’ve started University (woop woop) to ultimately develop myself and my skills in the art of photography. Foreword to this 3 year story I am very much a amateur photographer who has taught herself the basics of owning a camera. To add to that I have a lot of passion for my hobby and a lot of ambition and drive to be successful. Lets see what happens. To be continued… :)(:


It is the end of semester one and honestly I have mixed emotions. I believe everything that I have learnt so far has been extremely beneficial to me. I understand my camera far better now and I have a lot more goals and ideas that I seem to be achieving when it comes to my photography. For example working with the Theatre department at Glyndwr has been an amazing experience and one that I might not have successfully achieved without the help and guidance of my peers. However I am overthinking on how do I progress from here. Next semester I really want to be challenged and put out of my element in order to learn far more than than I ever expected. To be continued… :)(:


Today was a start to semester two and I must admit I am VERY excited for the two new modules to come. I am especially looking forward to the media and techniques module since at this moment in time I am getting more work satisfaction on the creative thinking and planning process of creating a film. I find work has been handed in a large quantity and my mind is absolutely overthinking everything. For me this is a positive thing and I’m certainly looking forward to the future. To be continued… :)(:


It is the end to the creative futures week and I am feeling a little more inspired to be creative. It was a nice week to listen to others speak so passionately about their art and this is certainly something I am looking forward to doing. At this time my work is on track. Nothing too stressful throwing me off work plus committing myself to working with clients has been a great experience. To be continued… :)(:


It is the last few weeks of our course. I definitely feels like it has flown by far too quickly. I am however feeling a little disheartened mainly because ideas and plans aren’t going to plan and I’m staring to worry a little about handing in assignments. I am a very big perfectionist therefore all work I complete must feel great to me. Hopefully all comes together soon. To be continued… :)(:


*Breath* There is a sign of relief. Everything has been handed in and I am more than happy with everything I have achieved this year. I believe I have ended on a high creating such great connections and work in the last few weeks which will keep me motivated throughout the summer and I am certainly looking forward to another year full of creative thinking. See you again soon. To be continued… :)(: